What would happen if everyone stood on one side of the earth

what would happen if everyone stood on one side of the earth
Asked Jan 03, 2010
Nothing. The type of orbit we're in won't be affected by a weight shift onto one side for two reasons. 1) Earth's in orbit around the sun because the sun has a gravitational field, however, Earth has its own gravitational pull, so by shifting the weight to one side, Earth's gravity will just keep holding it together while it spins around the sun. 2) It would be spread over such a large area, that the vast surface area would be like just putting a gigantic sheet of paper over one side of the Earth. If everyone was all rolled into one massive person, that would probably throw Earth out of orbit sending us either hurdling into the sun, or into the vast depth of space, where we'd probably hit another planet in the solar system first. The change would be very slow though. Not to mention it would throw off the Earth's own rotation, thus screwing with Earth's gravitational pull, so we'd probably all just fall off the Earth and explode in the vacuum of space.
Answered Jan 03, 2010
the earth would roll and start spinning faster and faster!! geez everyone knows that.
Answered Jan 04, 2010
Not a bad idea.

That side would become trampled and barren. The air would be polluted and the people would be fighting over every remaining resource.

The other side would have green grass, a lot of trees and clean water.

Maybe from that experience mankind could begin to understand our environmental problems and develop some realistic priorities for dealing with them.
Answered Jul 14, 2010
Edited Jul 14, 2010
at least one part of the earth would be pollution free for once.

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