Does nobody know real celebrities 's messenger addresses ?

i need real disney channel celebrities' messenger addresses .. plz help
Asked Jan 03, 2010
Well Disney has these email addresses for most of their stars, but I guarantee you they're fake. Why do you need it so badly?
Answered Jan 03, 2010
i know miley cyrus' it is : IH ATEF ATG [email protected]
Answered Jan 04, 2010
Oh that's really interesting seeing as you can't have spaces in an email address. Please explain to me how this came to be?
i realy want coles coz i lost it and we were like bffls grrrrrrrrrrrrr n i cant get a hold of him again im so angry i havnt tlken to him in 6 months we use to tlk like 5 times aweek grrrrrrrrrrr please help
Answered Jan 26, 2010
If you were bffls, then he would make the effort to contact you. It sounds to me like you were just friends with some fake representative hired by Disney to deal with his fans. It doesn't matter how long or how often you talked to "him" he's just paid to pretend to be your friend. Sorry, but that's how this sort of thing works.
Geez! Why are you being so negative?
Hey Katie, when you put a space does that mean underscore? or just space?
First of all... I'm not being negative, just honest. Second of all, if you're going to comment on someone's answer, it helps to comment on the specific answer posted, not elsewhere (as in, your comment towards Katie should be posted on Katie's answer, not sarah101ily's). Third, it's physically impossible to have a space in an email address, there are absolutely no clients nor providers that allow this. And lastly, that's not a real email address Katie posted, she's just trying to get your goat (and clearly succeeding).
If you want cell phone numbers, I have the Jonas Brothers cell phone number and Justin Beiber's.
Answered Apr 07, 2010