How can I stop a bully?

he punched me at school?
Asked Dec 31, 2009
Try to get the bully to hit you in front of a teacher, and then demand him to be suspended for it to the teacher.
Answered Dec 31, 2009
He punched you? Tell someone. A trusted teacher, or your parents or anyone that could help you. This guys sounds like a nasty peice of work, so dont be scared to tell someone about the bullying, because it's serious if he's hurting you. Dont put yourself in any more danger.
Answered Apr 12, 2013
Tell someone immediately!
Answered Dec 24, 2014
I have delt with a bully before who physicaly tryed to hurt me. Self Defense. When punched me I blocked it and I put his arm behind is back and tripped him. Now if he was doing this regularly.This is probably not the best option.You should best tell a well trusted teacher. All of my fight was caught on camera so I had proff. If you need proff. Try to get him infront of a camera and go to the princibles office that day and tell the incidint, time,and where at.
Answered Dec 25, 2014

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