What would you do in this situation

i was hired as a nanny. I take care of a 7yr old and a 5 yr old the 5yr old has sensory processing disorder which causes him to have behavioral problem (i know its not his fault i don't hold it against him) and my daughter who is a few days away from being a yr.and i am 21. it sounded like a great opportunity because i got to take my daughter who was not yet a year at the time and i was getting paid well. but now i am about 7-8 months into it and it was definitely false advertising. for example today i am supposed to do the regular nanny things school work exercise feed stuff like that but also do the laundry clean the house feed the cats (i hate animals) basically do all the stuff no one wants to do and when i come back the next day it is all a mess again and they tell me to clean it in the tone like i never do. and the husband always says oh we really worked hard to get the house clean so try to keep it that way. grrrrrr!

lately i have been getting mad at the kids because of their horrible behavior and disrespect. i have tried everything i can think of and nothing changes it. i've tried yelling, talking, being frank, not caring . my mom has told me that it is because i am getting to close to them and i need to remember that they are not my kids and i did not raise them, so their behavior is not my failure. but i cant help it. i have been thinking about quitting but we moved to the town we are in just for this job. and my daughter just absolutely loves them and i care about them too. my husband commutes to the next town over and there is nothing here for us but this job so i'm waiting it out till our lease is up. but am i over reacting or just being immature about it. i need fresh advice my husband is a broken record on this subject.
Asked Dec 31, 2009
You definatly are not over reacting. Maybe you can look up some new jobs in that town so that you wont be treated this way.
Answered May 31, 2011

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