Credict card help?ebay?gift cards?

hey my aunt gave me a gift card from chase (debit) but i want to buy something from ebay
can i use the gift card for this?
Asked Dec 30, 2009
Is it a debit card or a chase gift card? They're two different things.
would chase HAVE debit cards? they don't have a bank do they (I am under the impression that debit cards are only through banks)
Chase is a bank, it's a whole chain of banks across the United States, they just bought out Washington Mutual, and they have debit cards.
first you have to put money into the card from where she got it. then you can buy anything you want to. you have to tell them how much money you want to put in the gift card. you can also go to the bank and put some mony in.

happy new year!
Answered Dec 31, 2009
Edited Dec 31, 2009
Most of those universal gift cards cannot be "recharged" or refilled with money. There are money cards like the Visa Buxx card, but that's not a universal gift card.

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