Is their a connection between swine flu and not eating pork or their by products?

Would you be least likely to get swine flu if you eat pork. or their by products? I haven't got the flu last year or this year and I eat bacon,
ham and other meats from pig which they say are bad for you.
Is their a connection?
Asked Dec 29, 2009
Edited Dec 29, 2009
No, before you purchase pork products, even before they're packaged, they're always heated to kill off bacteria, such as the bacteria that causes swine flu, but even after that, when you cook it yourself before eating it, that also kills it off. Furthermore, the Swine Flu that humans get is a mutated strain of the pig Swine Flu, so the chances of you getting Swine Flu from eating pig is like one in one hundred trillion, probably even higher than that.
Answered Dec 29, 2009

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