What do u do when a friend loves a man but he always hits her but she needs him she wont listen 2 me

Asked Dec 29, 2009
I was like your friend. I lived with someone like that for 12years. I could NOT see what my friends were trying to tell me. (I LOVED HIM). Saying that now gives Me have a bad taste in my mouth. I was Pathetic for this man.
One day a friend of mine took me to Al-Alon. It is NOT just for Women of Alcoholics or Drug addicts. It's for Women who need help...saving themselves.
I thought my friend was crazy and I did NOT want to go. But, I did.
I met Women Like myself. Who put up with so much from their Man. I was NOT alone. I kept going back.
I eventually left my ole Man...and have NEVER been happier. I will NEVER tolerate that behavior from ANYBODY ever again.

The Women in those rooms...SAVED MY LIFE....

Find a meeting in your area...and take her. Just tell her to sit there and listen.
It's a start. and Good Luck !!!!
you keep trying to help her and tell her that she doesnt need him
Answered Dec 30, 2009
that don't really works all the time. all she can do is pray and be there for her. she will come around. she knows that when her man is hitting on her is wrong, but love is a powerful feeling, very powerful. she will come out the hold he got her in. only one person that can help her is GOD.
I am so sick of all the religious people here. I'm not saying god doesn't exist (though I am personally Atheist), but "god" isn't the one be-all-end-all solution to everything. Your comment really infuriates me because you're practically saying, "No, no matter what you do, it won't help. Just let god sort them all out." And that's just absolute BULL!
I agree with Oni_Kami. God isn't going to help you in everything. I am an agnostic and I believe in one but he is just a spiritual being that humans are trying to live up to
I think giraffegirl means INTERVENTION. Keep lines of communication open. Your friend needs to trust you. Talk to her. I'm not sure bombarding her with people is a good idea as she is obviously fragile. If anyone needs an intervention it's her boyfriend/husband
Answered Jan 18, 2010
Good call. This is some of the best advice I've seen around here.
this is probably the best answer i've seen
have a convention explain to her what is wrong examples...stuff like that.
Answered Jan 05, 2010
Sometimes it is hard to let that one person go who u really love and believe it or not the more u talk to her about him she is going to love him more yeah i know that sounds dumb but thats real just pray for her to get strong and for her eyes to open up
Answered Jan 08, 2010
in most cases the abuse will get worse. if you are around and he assaults her just call 911. you may loose a friend or she may wake and realize what a scum the person is.....any one who hits a women is not a man just a COWERED!!!!!! i'v seen in a few cases where we went to a Family violence call just to find the spouse had been beaten so badly that she was put into a coma in 2 occachens dead......
Answered Feb 15, 2010
Edited Feb 15, 2010
That is a very sad situation, if she is not strong enough to call 911 then you take some action and do it. Why do women and sometimes even men put up with that. There is know one that is allowed to put there hands on you. Get your friend some help and put this sissy in jail and see how tuff he really is!
Answered Mar 12, 2010
Murder the guy then rape her.
Answered Mar 16, 2010
Please don't advise people to commit crimes.
yeah seriously dude violence isnt the answer. if you do that crap then you're about as bad as the abuser.

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