Where to find the recorded videos in camStudio ?

Asked Dec 28, 2009
Yes, look in the drive where camstudio is installed, which will usually be your C:


You should see your saved files there.

You can choose to save them elsewhere when you initally save the file, too.
Answered Jan 21, 2010
In addition, CamStudio uses a default file naming system that will be a stream of numbers that will be the date and time the recording was made. Look for files with a long string of numbers in the program folder.
Rob Jul 04, 2010
Look were you installed it

C:\program files\camstuido i guess
Answered Dec 28, 2009
i have the same delema, icant seem to see the save files im using vista, anyone knows how to find, although it appers in the player but as of explorer, cant find a trace. :-(
Answered May 10, 2010
Have you tried doing a search for what you've saved them as?
Easy :D

Go to documents Look for camtasia and
There should be the video!

But it migth be something you doing wrong!
when you gonna saved make sure you choose a place where you can find it!
Answered May 15, 2010
Somewhat correct. On Vista I found mine under <User>\documents\appdata\local\virtualstore\programfiles\camstudio.

So I guess they are under Documents!
Answered Jul 03, 2010
on windows 7 I found it under
<Users>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\CamStudio
Answered Jul 04, 2010
go to your documents, click my recent files, then scroll down the the end and you'll find it.
Answered Jul 30, 2010
C:\WINDOWS\temp\ <-----------------------i found mine here
Answered Mar 03, 2012
After download in win 7 open camstudio.then go to option bar then click to program option and then go to directory for recording and chose you option......if you want to watch the video please visit my site on http://www.suvradeep.webs.com
Answered Jul 07, 2012
you're all aint no right. The path of the recorded files is in Camdata.ini file, which is obviously in: c:\Program Files\CamStudio 2.6b\ folder
Answered Nov 13, 2012
Ok guys it is very easy to setup Cam-studio option to save videos in your own Desktop 1-open Cam-studio program go to option then go to program option then go to Directory for recording you will see that windows temporary directory has been selected for you change it and select the (use user Specified Directory) then a window will open choose desktop and start recording after you finished recording the video will automatically save in your desktop.

Cheers guys.
Answered Apr 07, 2013
Edited Apr 07, 2013

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