Why Google search engine is more preferred by users than other search engines?

Asked Dec 27, 2009
Edited Dec 27, 2009
Well as the internet was on the rise, the idea of a search engine became more and more necessary. As it grew, there was no way to keep track of all the information as you needed it. Think of it like this. Take a dictionary, cut out every word (with its definition) individually, and fill a bathtub with it. Now sit in that bathtub. Now let's say you wanted to know the definition of the word autonomous. How on earth would you find it? Well that's what the internet was, except instead of a bathtub, it was an exponentially growing ocean. So if that hypothetical bathtub had google, google would go through and read each definition, and memorize where in the tub it is. So if you were looking for the definition of the word autonomous, google would go, "Oh that's right here." and point you straight to it. So anyways. When the internet was growing, and the need for a quick way to search about it for what you needed grew, a few search engines arose from the mist. There was Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Route 66, Goto, I think there was one that had the word Armadillo in the name, Excite, and many others. Well as time went on, most of the smaller ones died off. They didn't use as efficient algorithms, they didn't load as quickly, they were less reliable, didn't give as good results, etc... Google had an advantage over the others. Google had super geniuses working for them. When Google was first formed, the way they hired was they posted several billboards throughout Southern California with an extremely complicated mathematical riddle on it. You can see a picture of it here (http://mathworld.wolfram.com/news/2004-10-13/google/Billboard_1.jpg) and when you would solve it, it's take you to http://7427466391.com (no longer exists), and on that page there was a congratulations with a second riddle.
f(1)= 7182818284
f(2)= 8182845904
f(3)= 8747135266
f(4)= 7427466391
f(5)= __________
And well, let's just say it went on from there. There were an insane number of levels to this, and each one was more difficult than the last. Well in the end, you got to work for Google. So as time went on, people needed more from their search engines. Yahoo was the first to get on this with the Yahoo image search. Well it sucked, a lot. Yahoo was also first to offer a video search engine, and first to offer email. Their video search sucked a lot too. With time google grew to add these things and more, and having a team of super geniuses working for them, they got it right (Yahoo's fixed theirs since) and thus became even more powerful. At some point Ask Jeeves became just Ask, and Google went from search engine site to full blown corporation. And here we are today. Hope you found all this quite enlightening.
Answered Dec 27, 2009
Google is most preferred search engine among all other search engines because Google has some features which all other search engines don't have. Some of the features are mentioned below:-
#. User friendly interface
#. Well structured database which allow it to fetch data correctly and timely
#. It has more than 30 different searching features which allow users to search anything
#. It gives more space to search results than ads
#. It is reliable
#. Fast retrieval of results
#. The algorithm which places the beat possible results on the top os the result pages.

Answered Oct 11, 2012
Edited Oct 11, 2012
I know very well Google traditionally very popular because it is fast, reliable, easy to use, user friendly and one of the most significant thing of google's algorithm system, by using algorithm system it try to give some good, unique and relevant result for the visitors.
Answered Apr 18, 2013
Edited Apr 18, 2013
Google is more preferred search engine as compare to other, As there are so many search engine on the web. Which one is better is totally depend on the database of the search engine.

Means if database will be strong for a search engine then the result provided to the user also will be best so that user will visit, that search engine again and again and popularity of that will increase day by day.

So now a day Google is one of the search engine which provides the exact data whatever user searching. I hope you understood.

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Answered Jun 11, 2013
Obviously, In compare of other search engines, Google have much strong database or have algorithm which is more beneficial for a business website. So users believe strongly on Google, for get a sufficient result.
Answered Jun 26, 2013
Google dominate on all search engines, no one like Yahoo, Bing etc can compare with Google. The more than 80% of users search through Google.com. It is a great company with largest data base so everything will be available in Google search. www.starlite-intl.com
Answered Oct 25, 2015
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Answered Jan 03, 2016
Most probably its shows the most relevant search answers and its fast.
Answered Nov 11, 2016
Search engines are normally judged through the relevance in their outcomes. ... With simple searches, Microsoft's seek engine may carry out just as well as Google. But hard queries set Google aside. A lengthy, tough query is more likely to yield relevant outcomes in Google Search than Bing
Answered Sep 22, 2019

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