Windows XP says no audio device where can I get one for free?

Asked Dec 26, 2009
Edited Dec 27, 2009
Well you can get speakers at best buy or something

Or a audio device like ear buds(i use) easy
Answered Dec 27, 2009
No no no. If the computer says no audio device, it means no sound card. You need a sound card. The computer doesn't know if you have speakers or headphones plugged in, it just send audio signals out the outputs, it doesn't know anything beyond that.

You most likely already have a sound card though, you just don't have the drivers for it. For starters, look at the back of your computer, you're looking for a green headphone jack. That's where you'd plug your speakers in. It's either on the back of the computer, in one of the slots, or not there at all. Having it in the front of the computer doesn't help, because that gets hooked up to the sound card, and if you don't have a sound card, then it's just not going to do anything. So if you see it back there, then it's a matter of where it is. If it's in one of those little slots near the bottom, then it's an external sound card, otherwise known as off board, because it's not built into the mother board. If this is the case, unplug everything, put your computer on a table, open it up carefully (shouldn't be too hard to figure out) and carefully look at the the card. Look to see the make and model. If you google it, and the word "driver" that should help you find what you need. If you're having trouble finding the driver, then go ahead and post here what your make and model is (of the sound card) and I'll give you a link. If the little green headphone jack is on the back of the computer, but not in one of those little slots, then it's on board (as in, on the mother board). If this is the case, then google your computer make and model plus "driver" or post them here and I'll find them for you. If you don't have that little green headphone jack on the back of your computer, then you just have no sound card at all, in which case you will need to buy one. I suggest personally, but there's plenty of other places you can go too, if you would like more suggestions, just ask.
Answered Dec 27, 2009
Mine says no audio device when i have speakers plugged in
figment Dec 27, 2009
Re-read what you said there. That's a self contradictory sentence.
Exactly when i don't have ear buds plugged in comp it says i dont have a audio device lol
figment Dec 27, 2009
OHH opps mine says no audio device when i dont have speakers plugged in lol
figment Dec 27, 2009
I haven't ever plugged in any speakers or headphones of any kind into this one computer of mine, and it doesn't say anything. Are you sure you're on XP?

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