How can I restore games that my action replay for DS deleted???

my actionreplay deleted all the games and cheats and I want them back in a fast and easy way
Asked Dec 26, 2009
When the DS is off hold a+b and when it shows the DSs logo hold star+sel, hook it up to the computer and press "quick upgrade".
Actually if it suddenly deleted all your games and codes, without you doing it, then here's how you fix it (My AR deleted all my files, but i restored it): 1st, hold Select and Start at the same time, then turn the DS on. keep holding it until after the DS' top screen says "This product is not licensed or endorsed by Nintendo". Keep holding Start and Select until it fades a different shade of white, then wait for a second, then turn off the DS. Now try the AR.
Answered Dec 26, 2009
Answered Aug 05, 2010
Thats not an answer!
Connect your USB cable to your Action Replay (The USB Cable was Givin with the AR) And re-connect to your PC/Laptop and load the downloaded file (you'l have obtained a disc with the AR and an instruction guide) Once you open the AR Disc (downloaded) Re-Install and the Game your looking for shall be there.

When you delete the game it deletes from the disc too, so when you transfer the file to your AR, it doesnt duplicate. Catch my Drift?
Answered Oct 05, 2010

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