Is There A Medication That Opens Nasal Passages Immediately

I am looking for a Medication that will open my sinuses very quickly. I had this done a few years ago, but forgot to write the medication down while I was in the Doctor's Office. He gave me two sprays of this medication in each nostril, and within seconds my nasal passages opened up and I could breathe!! I need to know what this medication is and where can I get it.

Asked Dec 26, 2009
Any over the counter nasal spray should do.
Answered Dec 26, 2009
Afrain Will do it in under a minute EASY!
Answered Jan 19, 2010
Astelin Nasal Spray (Azelastine) gives better result. It is used to treat itchy nose, runny nose, and sneezing. You can find some side effects at Azelastine works by blocking the effects of histamine in your body.
Answered Aug 31, 2011

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