Am I going to die?

Today I was on the bus, and this homeless man beside me started saying all this weird stuff, like "Demons and hatred, your family will boil in hell's blood", so i turned to him and he wa staring at me intently. I shortly left the bus and am now at home. Am i cursed???
Asked Dec 25, 2009
did you die
Wow, scary stuff once there was this man following me when I was going to a shop and he kept on saying "Death,Death,Death..." it was scary so I started running
Yup, I'm no doctor but that sounds like a good old fashioned curse to me. I'd give you a few more days before your skin begins to fall off, exposing your organs in a painful, drawn out death process.

pilot21 Apr 01, 2010
pilot21, please post answers as answers, not as comments, thank you.
I don't know mate
anon99 Oct 18, 2013
There are no such things as curses. There is only the FEAR that you have that will hurt you (not kill you) just frighten you. This was a mentally ill man. I am sorry this happened to you. He has no power, has a very unhappy life, no one respects him so he goes around scaring people. Or he may be crazy in the religious fanatic way. Good is much stronger than the silly words he has spit out. Ignore it, he is not making any sense and has no way to put a curse (which does not exist) anyway. God bless you.. The Angels and God protect you, dont worry.
Answered May 02, 2011
yes you are going to die because a homeless man said so.
Answered Dec 25, 2009
lol he was being sarcastic
Well, here is my theory.
If u bealive in this stuf:
•evry bad stuf (which happenes to evry one) u Will thin that is realated to this curs

If u don't bealive in this shit:
•U'll live ur life on like nothing happened
Answered Jan 24, 2015
I agree !!
Answered Dec 25, 2009
You don't have to yell.
loud much?
No your not. He just hates his life.
Answered Dec 26, 2009
If your not born again of the water and the spirit, u will not enter into the kingdom of God( John 3:3). Read I John 3:1-24.
Answered Dec 28, 2009
agreed man~!
amen pokeypea1
God's not real.
I do not think you are going to die, unless you are full of hatetred and if you abuse animals. Just ask youself why you think that you are going to die.
Answered Dec 29, 2009
No Ur Not Goin' To Die I Live In L.A....Been Seein'/Hearing Homeless People Talk Like That On The Bus Since I Was Like 5...So No Ur Not Cursed!!!
Answered Dec 29, 2009
I live in LA too, and I, "Don Tlk Lyke Dis."
Wut Part Of L.A. U Be Livin' In...Are U Stalikng Me If U Are Den I Love It!!!=)
amc_323 Dec 31, 2009
West L.A. and no.
Well No WOnder U Aint Be Talkin Like Thiz U In The Richy Side Of L.A.....I Be Down In East L.A. BB Girl/Boy Wut Eva U Iz I Know U Be Liking Ma Typin!!!LOL!!!
amc_323 Dec 31, 2009
The rich side of LA? Hardly. The rich side is north LA, up in the Palisades. I'm down south. I said West because I didn't want you to think I lived downtown.
if you want to know if your going to die dont take drugs or any of that and be carful youll stay alive for alot of years or when youre100
Answered Jan 08, 2010
Well don't forget about eating right, exercising regularly, and not putting your life in danger if you can avoid it.
there is one more thing you can do, start drugs instead of stoping, join the homeless guy's club and live happily.. how about that? :)
xmatch Jan 09, 2010
We all die sooner or later. In many traditions it is believed that the soul lives and only the body dies, but it is indeed unusual for a human to live past the age of 103 or 104
Answered Jan 11, 2010
i agree with will die a horrible death because a man with a half decayed brain told you you were going to die because Jesus told him so
Answered Jan 13, 2010
Some of these people giving answers are so mean. You will die sometime of course but if you truly believe that you are going to heaven, then don't freak out about it. If you aren't sure that you are going to heaven, then you should be worried and think about changing your ways. It isn't that hard you know.
Answered Jan 15, 2010
Yes your Gona die maby not today or tomorro but yes you will die
Answered Feb 03, 2010
Wat is your last name I no a hazily that I don't see often
Jimbo Oct 17, 2013
girl he is so crazy and don't belive want he say cause he don'y even know.
Answered Feb 06, 2010
Edited Feb 06, 2010
FYI, according to his profile, Orooturoo is male, not a girl.
I think this man is looking for attention he wants it in any he can get it he dose not care if he frighters you. Hes upset with his own life probably feels verry traped IF he can take someone down with him so be it. Please pay no attention to him
Answered Feb 07, 2010
you posted it on the internet ? crazy homeless have coumputers 2 you know, I supose they chose it over an apartment. remember 2012 is comeing. >=)
Answered Mar 02, 2010
What on earth makes you think crazy homeless people have computers? I've never seen any homeless people in my life with computers, and I grew up in the homeless capital of the US.
of course not only god know when u going to die relax god bless you
Answered Apr 01, 2010
Well, I recently aquired my D.O, F.A.A.F.P., and am certified in Family Practice, and Sports Medicine. Previously, I was well known in my department to treat curses, and I think that if you're between 4 years of age and 9 years of age, then this "curse" will definitely kill you. From the trauma of a strange, dirty, ragged homeless stranger telling you scary things like "Your family will boil in hell's blood" and staring at you intently.
Answered Oct 01, 2010
OMFG this reminds me of this movie called "drag me he//" (<- srry dont like to say or put that word) dont worry are u dead now? if not, I think he was being crazy..? DONT WORRY look if demons are gonna goble you up they would have already a loonng time ago rite? so ur safe =)
Answered Nov 01, 2010
Edited Nov 02, 2010
maybe u r going to die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry people
Answered Mar 19, 2011
You not gonna die okay.
Answered Feb 28, 2012
hahahahaha wtf that guy was weird dont worry you wont die if you really want get our house blessed so no demons come after you cause it can happen demons are real*i know from personal experience*
Answered Oct 18, 2013
u r going to be fine
Answered Jun 26, 2014
That man was saying how hell was and no one takes notice but u did
Answered Aug 14, 2014
Sometime it true in real life and sometime stupid people who say these stuff are crazy and doesn't know what he saying to you. It happened to me alot of time and I am in this with you, so don't worry. I got alot of bad lucks and curse.
Answered Sep 03, 2014
Yes, you are going to die. But hopefully, it won't be for a while yet. You don't really sound as if you should be out in the world on your own, so go home, grow up, and try again in a few years.
Answered Jun 05, 2010

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