Hi, please help me by breifing abt 'Solitex construction company, Accra-Ghana'

my brother has applied for a job in tat firm via mail but he got an offer letter replied through mail itself with out any face to face interview so i would like to know whether its fake r i can ask my brother to proceed further, i ll be very thankful for helpers
Asked Dec 24, 2009
i also get offer from SOLITEX CONSTRUCTION to work at ACCRA_Ghana
somebody please help me
seksan Dec 24, 2009
Im recieved also an offer from SOLITEX CONSTRUCTION COMPANY yesterday dated 22 Jan,with attachment of Company employment offer and they offer me High salary, And I was thingking how come they offer high salary according to the CV/RESUME without interviews,And if it is a big Company why they asked the employee to sent money or shoulder the working visa,THIS A SCAM BEWARE....
jhuey Jan 23, 2010
i too got an offer yesterday
Answered Dec 24, 2009
i suppose this is fake,
tht travel agent is asking for money in advance
i also got an offer letter from solitex constructions

please help me to findout it s a fake or a good one.

Answered Dec 24, 2009
Even i also have received an offer letter Solitex Construction Company a day ago.... I want to find it out its True Or fake...Please help me out...
Answered Dec 24, 2009
Me too got an offer letter from solitex construction company ... want to confirm if its true or fake ----please help...
Answered Dec 24, 2009
i also have received an offer letter Solitex Construction Company
please help me
Answered Dec 28, 2009
this is absolutely fake. got an offer from this company too just 2 days ago. employers are not crazy to choose candidate / hire employee just based on their CV/resume and offer a very high and unbelievable salry as well as benefits. first, i replied to their email and attached my resume but only a seconds after that, i hesitate and feel that there is something wrong with the job vacancy so i hurriedly check the internet and found out that there are so many scams in Accra Ghana. they just change the name of the companies but the people who are behind the scams are just the same.
Answered Dec 28, 2009
i also got offer ...and they want me to pay in advance....
Answered Dec 28, 2009
i think this company is a fake ......and please we should help another people not to send any money for it
Brothers and sisters,it is fake,i come from Ghana and we don't have a Construction Company by that name,they claim to have been in existence since 1972 or something,well we should have heard about them by now,but there's nothing like that,so becareful and think again before you part with your money.
Answered Jan 06, 2010
I got a message from someone called mohamed hassan and he said he's the leader of SOLITEX CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED So it doesn't exist?
Jfani Mar 01, 2013

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