If a girl gets fingered,did she lose her virginity?

if a girl gets a man/woman 's finger in her vagina area, did she lose her virginity?
Asked Dec 23, 2009
idk but i wont be a virgian for long
First of all, sniffleboo, please post your answers as answer, not as comments. Second of all, it's spelled virgin, not virgian. And lastly, you say you won't be one for long, however in another post you've claimed to have already lost your virginity. Please try to be consistent with your information.
Everyone you ask will give you a different answer. Everyone has different views of the binds of what makes you a virgin. To me, it's penetration that is considered losing your virginity, even if nothing is done. Some people think you have to climax during intercourse for it to count. Some people think just getting naked counts. It's different to everyone.
Answered Dec 23, 2009
im a lesbian, so you are saying that im still a virgin after being with 40 women???? WTF!!!
leddy Jan 05, 2010
Do you not know what penetration means?
If U/She Didnt Bleed Then U/She Still A Virgin!!!
Answered Dec 31, 2009
Well now this is just not true. A) Not all women bleed from sexual activity. The bleeding is caused by the hymen ripping, but as everyone is different, some women just naturally have a looser hymen than others. B) If a guy has ANY idea what he's doing, he will take things slowly, loosening they hymen through foreplay, thus not painfully tearing the hymen, and making the experience much more pleasurable for the woman.
adding to Oni-Kami's amazingness::
not all women are born with hymens and a good number of women bust theirs in sports
i think that it is wrong first because that consider child molestation asshole
Answered Dec 31, 2009
There's nothing that says anything about children. I am flagging this comment for removal for mention of illicit activity, and swearing, not to mention it's unhelpful and inaccurate.
All girls have a hymen - no it cannot be broken playing sport - penitration is the ONLY way to break it .
You can do it with DEEP fingering ! some men have a very short penis and it cannot reach the hymen (poor chaps in that class)
So you can ONLY loose your virginity by having proper sex penitration - so if you are a lesbian , good for you , chances are you are still a virgin unless you have used a dildo or other "toy" to stimutate yourself and you do not have to bleed a lot , just a few drops may appear that you may even miss out on .
But it is a true fact of life , virginity can be cured , one prick and its all over !
Answered Jan 06, 2010
I just researched it rather extensively, and everything I found, plus my friend's mom who's a gynecologist, all said that you can indeed break your hymen playing sports. Furthermore, to lose one's virginity is not defined as having their hymen broken. Granted some people consider it that, but it's not a universal concrete definition. I'm just saying that you should pick your words carefully because you made it sound like, "This is the way it is, and everyone else is wrong." And lastly, if the other person is careful, and takes things slow, the hymen can be slowly loosened with time, thus preventing any actual bleeding.
Damn Oni_Kami...your like A genius cuz you be answering every single q in here!!!LOL!!!
amc_323 Jan 08, 2010
Haha, I'll take that as a compliment, thanks.
I believe that penetration of the vagina with a penis, or masturbatory paraphernalia(for those who engage in Homosexual intercorse) is considered losing your virginity. Now that is my opinion and Oni_Kami has some very good points. It all depends on the persons opinion and where they stand on the subject.
Answered Feb 02, 2010
i think that if a girl fingers another girl that is a virgin, then you took their virginity
Answered Apr 22, 2010