I need help for university

Hello, im currently in grade 12 in ontario and i have like 2 more weeks to submit my university application. I honestly can not decide and I'm "KIND OF" panic-y. My grades are really bad... i have a 78 in math, 80 in chem, 78 in physics but I am trying to pull those up to 85 by the end of the semester. I have considered this for a long time, but honestly i still can't decide.

Architecture, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, psychology, law, teaching, graphic design, interior design.

I like to draw. I like debating (doesnt happen often but i really like to debate), i'm really intersted in the human brain and mind (psychology), i work well with young ppl and i spend a lot of time doing photoshop etc. Engineering has always been my goal. Architecture too, because it feels like a mix of art and engineering. But recently, I was immersed into my psychology and art side. Now, it feels like i have 3 main choices.
I take the path of a psychologist and study the human mind. Take the path of the artist and study interior design/graphic design. Take the path of an engineer and well i cant really think of anything for this one haha, make the lives of otheres easier and more efficient?
Teaching and law are just side thoughts, but if i do teaching, i would have a lot of free time to draw or maybe even travel.

So what I'm trying to ask is maybe if you guys have any experience from these fields, give me a breif description of how your program is, how your jobs/co-op is, how your living is like, the difficulty of the program, some suggestions, etc anything!
thank you in advanced!
Asked Dec 23, 2009
Have you considered advertising? Psycology and art are important factors and there are sectors of advertising that work with the make up, appearance and function of products - which would be an engineering side...?
Answered Jan 18, 2010

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