Why my computer can not run portable microsoft office 2007

other computers can run portable office 2007 except mine!
Asked Dec 23, 2009
Because it's actually illegal software. It may not seem like it, but someone took Microsoft's licensed software, made it run off a flash drive, and distributed it. This is illegal because it's taking copyrighted software that costs money, rewriting the code (against the terms of use you agree to when installing this software), and distributing it freely. I understand that it's nice to be able to use such a thing in a portable form, but you should not be using illegal software. I will not help you resolve your problem because of this. Good day to you.
Answered Dec 23, 2009
@Oni_Kami you have great talent to speech. However, He needed the solution dude, not a speech. ^^V
Answered Apr 10, 2011
This may be because of the motherboard, also you should try to concern some computer operator, or software engineer. I hope he will serve you with the utmost knowledge regarding the same.
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Answered Sep 04, 2014
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Answered Mar 17, 2017

1. The problem lies in incapability between office 2010 and windows 10. Not the licensing.
2. I am allowed to install on a main device. (License device) and a portable device for the primary user
3. you don't get Office Professional pre-installed, retail.
1. I upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 (64 bit versions) and my Office Professional 2010 (32 bit version) is running fine so it does not appear to be a compatibility issue.
2. Copy the licence certificate and forward to the people that are telling you that the licence is invalid. However, I don't know if it makes a difference bit it says a main device and a portable device; not 2 portable devices.
3. I have an OEM copy of Office Professional 2010 pre installed by the manufacturer as per the following screen capture.
Answered Jun 05, 2018

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