Where can I buy something about War Games in USA?

Asked Dec 22, 2009
Edited Dec 22, 2009
I need a little specification here. War Games as in the army training games? War Games as in games about war? Or War Games as in the movie? And what sort of things are you hoping to buy?
Thank you for your response! I mean the War Games as in the army training games.
And what sort of things are you hoping to purchase about these War Games? Do you want some realistic army-like computer games? There's always America's Army (http://www.americasarmy.com/) It's made by the actual US Army for training purposes, but is open to the public for fun as well. I've also found the Call of Duty games to be unbelievably realistic.
My means realistic game , We wear everything is look like real soldier ,so i want know where can buy Tactical Vest.550st boots. headpiece .military uniform ,Thank you very much.
Live in the US?
I have a pictrue:(http://www.thefirstarmy.com/shopimg/200904/1238948766.jpg)
Answered Dec 25, 2009

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