What happends if the pharmacy gives you the wrong rx can you get in trouble

I was given the wrong rx at the pharmacy can i get in trouble for it.
Asked Dec 21, 2009
Edited Dec 21, 2009
Depends. What is the effect of the drug, and are you supposed to take it? If you know it is the wrong rx just return it and tell the manager or the people who perscribed it to you. Nobody wants to get in trouble with their parents, the police, or their health unless they do not care or are feeling down. But the appropriate thing to do is not take it and return it, because you could get in trouble. Do not throw it away or else you cannot get a refund. If you need your medicine or something that badly, then tell someone and get the problem fixed. And yes the people at the pharmacy could get into some serious trouble. The drug should be certified and checked before delivered and processed.

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Answered Dec 27, 2009
Every day, millions of people see their healthcare providers and obtain prescriptions for much-needed medication. Next, these individuals go to their local pharmacy to fill the prescription, trusting that the pharmacy is safe, and will provide the medication they need. Unfortunately, pharmacies make mistakes every day, and put patients at risk. Most people unfortunately, are not sure what to do when the pharmacy give the wrong prescription. Pharmacy errors are a serious concern that needs to be addressed. The most obvious risk of pharmacy errors is the fact that patients could take the wrong medication, or an inadequate dosage, which could result in illness or injury. Some patients do not realize that they have been given the wrong medication until after consuming it and noticing unexpected side effects or no effect at all. If you took medication before realizing that it was incorrect, always consult your healthcare provider or emergency room.
Always update your pharmacy with a list of allergies or other important information about your medications. Adv-Care Pharmacy never gives wrong RX. It always keeps care about its patients health condition. If your prescription(s) is filled with another Canadian pharmacy, Adv-Care Pharmacy can arrange to have it transferred to its pharmacy.

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Answered Jun 03, 2016
It is better to take advice about any kind of drug from a qualified pharmacist rather than to put yourself in any trouble. If you have any pharmacy related issue then I suggest yo to contact us and have a conversation with our qualified pharmacists. To contact go to http://prepforprereg.co.uk/sforum/index.php
Answered Sep 06, 2016

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