How to tell a girl you like her?

How to tell a girl your feelings?
Asked Dec 19, 2009
Edited Dec 23, 2009
ok another problem. I work with a girl I like a lot. we see each other at work and that's practically all. We don't leave in the same town, we rarely work same shifts. so:
1. how to spend more time with her
2. how to tell her I like her (we are co workers but I don't know much about her private life as I know her for only about 3 months)
3. Is it better for me to wait awhile and to know her better and tell her I like her or tell her that right away?
4. if she rejects me, how will we be able to work together?
kledoo May 10, 2010
kledoo, please post your own questions separately, don't post in other peoples questions like that. It'd be one thing if you wanted to know how to tella girl you like her, but you're asking 3 other questions there, thus making it your own separate question, and should be posted separately. Thank you.
sorry new to this :)
vkmehta Sep 04, 2010
Most of the advice on here is bad, mate, and it's mostly because it is from girls who don't know what they want. Here's the secret: girls like fun, confident, positive men.

So, there are a few important things to do:
*Tease her
*Touch her playfully (nudge her, smile, and tell her not to give you trouble, for example)
*Ping her, which means interacting briefly, then leaving and talking to other people, etc. You spend the whole day together. Don't smother her. Just be sporadically fun.

If she starts to laugh at shit you say, touch her hair, glance at your mouth, and touch you, she likes you. Then, TELL her to come hang out like it's no big deal. And don't make it a big deal. Say, "Hey I'm grabbing a drink after work; come with." If you're unsure, make it a work function and invite everyone. When you have her out of the work setting (and mindset), then you can escalate. G'luck!
After asking a girl out she said "I WILL TELL ON MONDAY".What to in only ten so nothing dramatic like the guy above me.
look presentable and cool. Don't be intimidated by looks (hers or yours). Look around - beautiful girls aren't always with beautiful guys. A lot of times, funny or nice is better than handsome.

2Be confident, be assertive, and control your nerves.

3Be prepared for her answer. A nice, calm response from you, no matter what she says can give her something to think about later, even if it doesn't seem to go your way at first.

4Be prepared in your speech, remember your 'script'.

5Do it in person instead of calling her on the telephone. but if you don't feel confident enough call her and tell her how you feel you will have more time to engage in conversation.

6Don't be afraid of embarrassment. Who cares what other people think?

7Try to be romantic, tell her when you two are alone.

8When you tell her, say something such as, "When we first met, I thought you were beautiful, but as we knew each other more and more, you became more and more beautiful. Now you're so beautiful, that I just had to tell you how I felt. I like you a lot." Something that has a little bit of a story, and is sweet. Don't just pass her in the hall and say "I like you." It's not as touching, and the less touching it is, the less likely she is to respond the way you want.

9Don't be cheesy with her! Be absolutely real and truthful, she'll appreciate this more than anything.

10Do not say anything stupid unless you are absolutely SURE she is going to laugh. Otherwise it just makes the situation more awkward for you.

11Be honest. if you like a girl, Tell her! but not in front of anyone or she may be compelled to say no under peer pressure.

12Don't say it jokingly or she won't know if you really do like her or not. She might even think you were just teasing (Trying to look cool or something etc.) and get upset.

13Don't hide that you like her that will only make things worse!

14Don't crack a joke right after you tell her. She might not think you're serious and remember, if she says "yes." Try to resist the urge to kiss her. a hug is fine. but don't kiss her unless she makes the first move!!
Answered Dec 29, 2009
Great one.... I really liked your experience boss......
anju Sep 26, 2011
Im a girl so listen up when you like a girl just be yourself thats what any girl wants tell her what you think of her and ask her on a date but make sure you know what shes like if shes romantic and thats not what your looking for then just tell her the truth but be gentle you dont want to upset her becauseyou might change your mind about her
Answered Dec 29, 2009
hey im sorry if this sounds stupid but now that you posted this im curious how do you know if a girl you may just walk by is interested in you like in the hall or on the street there a certain look u give them
Cii1190 Jan 26, 2010
Just ask them. Nothing wins a woman over like confidence, however be careful, there's a fine line between confidence and arrogance.
hey wanna ask somethng..i like a grl....but the prblm is she is 1 yr elder than me...i read in class 11,she is in 12...she is too darling type grl...we exchange phn numbers..but still nothng is happeng.....she sometimes talks gud with me and sometimes says I cant be urs.....will u pls hlp me on this???

it's easy
"Hey, [insert girl's name], I just wanted to make sure I got a chance to say [insert confession of feelings here]. Well, I don't expect anything back, and you don't have to reply to me right away. I just wanted to let you know. Bye"

and walk away.. then again.. this is based of the Japanese way of confessing where they pull a person aside, confess their feelings, leave and the confessed to is supposed to think everything over and reply when they decide how they want to go about this confession.

good luck
Answered Dec 31, 2009
I absolutely love this approach it would make everything so much easier on peoples nerves and feelings just had to comment
Cii1190 Jan 26, 2010
if you really like her here are some tips

1 dress your best but make sure you dnt have to over exert your self because you might smell afterwards

2 get her alone

3 say " name" ive always liked you i liked you from the day i first saw but now that i know you i think im in love with you no i dont think i know im in love with you.all i ask is that you consider me i love so much that sometimes it hurts.

4 if she responds the way you want then good but if she doesnt respond then look her in the eyes and say " you may not feel the same way but ill always be there for you when you need me" and walk away slowly. that will make her see you have sensitive side and start to like you.

5 the only exception to a pick up line is when she has a good sense of humor but you have to joke when you say for example: " alanna, you must be a library book because im checking you out" then smile and laugh let her realize it was a joke but that you actually like her so you should wink at her when you walk away
Answered Jan 08, 2010
Edited Jan 08, 2010
you go up to her (ALONE!!!!!) then you just coplement her in some way over and over then shel be like water in your hands so then you just ask her
Answered May 26, 2010
i like a girl but don't know how to handle it......
Answered Jun 07, 2010
the gurl name is skittle I really like her she so friendly that I can wait to talk to her........ together alone....
i personally would just go to the person you like face to face with nobody around cos they just act like knobhead when you trying to be serious. tell her how you feel, don't say anything like " I loved you the first time I saw you" tooo cheesy and if you actually love someone when you just met. when it comes to saying something it depends on how long you have know the person. for first meeting get to know the person don't jump to the question. ask her if she wants to meet up again sometime together, that already kinda gives her a clue. if you have know the person for a long time then compliment her first and break it in easily.
hello, you look really pretty, we know each other for a long time and I can't help notice that everytime I see you I can't keep my eyes off you. I really like you :) if you don't feel the same way I can understand but maybe we can do some stuff together some time. Well say something along those lines :P x
Answered Oct 04, 2010
lol once theres a girl in ma school I really like she plays cod thats why I like her I told her to come to my house and play wtih me ps3 she said she cant come shes kinda busy cuz theres school tomorrow than I said u always busy u dont like me miranda :@ she said no no I do like u but im really busy these days I was omg she likes me:O I said k and went to the class after 1 week I told her to come to my house she sayed ok we played ps3 like 13 hours lol its soo fun:) I told her again I like u she sayed haha ur funny I love u and I was like omggg again :p hahahah and now dndndndnda... were girlfriend and boyfriend

sorry if im not gd at english writting, because im american greek xP
Answered Mar 09, 2011
me since I was born I dont have any girl frd, but I fucks all girls in my street becos am tall cool.........girls are stupid are the girls are the [email protected]
Answered Oct 14, 2011
im 15 and I like a girl wose 12. she looks 14 and acts 17. she likes me bac, but my parents told me I cant tlk to her anymore. she lives 30 minouts away too. what should I do??????
Answered Dec 01, 2011
Hello there,
i like a girl back at my college, and I know she likes me too. she gazes at me all the time bt the moment I look at her, she takes here eyes off.
what does this mean?
what am I supposed to do?
help me out!
Answered Jul 05, 2012
I don't know how well you know this girl, but if you don't know her very well, I suggest you start talking to her and continue to for a while before you confess your attraction to her. If after talking to her you still like her and she seems interested too, get her number. If all is sailing smoothly, tell her that you've liked her for a little while now and you'd like to take her on a date.
If you have known her for quite some time I suggest you start flirting and see if she returns the affection, if so, tell her how you feel and see if she'd like to gout sometime.
Answered Sep 25, 2012

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Answered Jun 02, 2021
First of all you have to thrown away your hesitation. Then going in front of her and say her with confidently that I Love You.
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Answered Jun 18, 2021
I love you
Answered Dec 20, 2009
Thats seems too hard.If you really like her just text a message about your feelings.(But choose your words carefully,maybe she'll go away)If you don't wanna write message then talk to her.Maybe she is wanting and waiting you to ask.Just try it .
Lots of love,
Selena Gomez
Answered Jan 22, 2010
That's kinda bad advice. I mean feelings are very deep and personal. If someone told me how they felt in some pathetic text message, I'd never take them seriously. Personal emotions like that should be said face to face.
yep also agreee :)
tom63 Oct 05, 2010
I agree with those 3.
Go over there and jump her ahaha lol (: Everygirl love romance so forget about text message .Face to face is clear and closer for a girl i mean that the girl thinks so .You r just supposed to say what on your mind to her and Ill ve u know girls cannot take that sentence ' I love you ' . Good luck with that .
Take care.
Answered Jan 22, 2010
i like ur toughts but i'm having promble liking a gurl........
Hello there,
i like a girl back at my college, and I know she likes me too. she gazes at me all the time bt the moment I look at her, she takes here eyes off.
what does this mean?
what am I supposed to do?
help me out!
Prakrke Jul 05, 2012

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