Could a girl be pregnat if having irregular periods?

She has actually started her period the last two months but it only lasted a couple day's. Is it still possible for her to be pregnant?
Asked Dec 19, 2009
No. When a girl has her period, well that terminates any babies that may be inside. Some women are just irregular, every woman is different. Women who are irregular should use pregnancy tests regularly (depending on how sexually active they are) because you never know if they're pregnant or not. But if their period does come, then she's not pregnant. A woman has no periods for the 9 months she's pregnant.
Answered Dec 19, 2009
Lemme add to onii-chan's answer.

If by irregular you mean having it one month... and not the next month... then having it the month after that. Then this might just be one of those common missed periods.

However, it sounds like your friend's last period was the unusual one (it having lasted only a couple of days). If she WAS pregnant, at the time of her last period (as Oni_Kami stated) her pregnancy was terminated. If she's had unprotected sex since then... and has not had her period, it COULD be that she's become pregnant.

To be on the safe side, all she has to do is purchase a pregnancy test and find out for herself.
Answered Dec 21, 2009

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