Where can people find more information about eHelp?

Is there any FAQ or some About page, Rules, Guidelines, etc? Looked for a short while but didn't any. I like the sleek design, but this may be missing. (Is there an eHelp.com category?)
Asked Dec 19, 2009
Just post your questions. One of the users of this site (I won't say who because I don't know if he wants it to be known it's him or not) is the founder of this site. If one of us regular users can't answer, I'm positive he can. If he isn't around, I have his email address, so I can just email him and give you the answer.
Answered Dec 19, 2009
I'm that person, haha
Ryan Dec 19, 2009
Hi Manfred, I'm the founder of this site. I will add an FAQ soon when I back to work (I'm now on a vacation), eHelp was just started on November of this year, it only has the most basic features at this moment. I'm happy that you like the design, haha, a friend of mine hate it, because it doesn't have many images. ;o)

What category did you mean? eHelp do have a category, just on the right of every pages.
Answered Dec 19, 2009
Yeah, wasn't too sure if you wanted it to be known or not :P Anyways, I like the fact that it's not full of images, because that would be too busy and unprofessional. This is straight forward and too the point. I worked as a web designer for a few years so if you need any help with anything feel free to let me know, you have my email.
OK, thank you! :D
Ryan Dec 19, 2009

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