How to survive with your freak boyfriend?

Asked Dec 16, 2009
Edited Dec 16, 2009
if you are only surviving in a relationship... in the nicest way possible you are kinda doing it wrong.. a relationship is something to be enjoyed not survived..

some people stay in bad relationships just for the sake of being in a relationship or because they are afraid of being single... but wouldnt it be better to be single and happy than in a bad relationship?
Answered Mar 13, 2013
U Dont, He'll Never Change Im Tellin U Cuz Im With One Now been With This Asshole For 5 Yrs Already....Been tellin Me Hes Gonna Change Since The Begining...and After Marriage,n 2 kids His Ass Is Still The Same So A Word Of Advice LEAVE B4 IT"S TO LATE!!!!
Answered Dec 31, 2009
amc is right. i've spent ALL of my adult life with bad men.. And they really are bad. leave before you get dragged in deeper by this fool otherwise you'll waste your youth and life on somebiody that doesn't deserve you. break up with him and if he harrasses you tell him you'll press charges.... AND DO IT!!!!! It's the omly way to get rid of them........... Stay single until you find a man that will treat you as a human being!!!
Answered Jan 26, 2010
Agreed .. you should not have to "survive"with him
it should take a little effort but thats not what it sounds like you describing
Answered Jan 26, 2010
Edited Jan 26, 2010
You should break up with him. Find someone better.
Answered Dec 02, 2012

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