Is it possible to hold in your gas?

i have been told that you can control holding in your flatus and i say i cannot
Asked Dec 15, 2009
Well yes, it can be done, people do it all the time. Generally they hold it in till they're in the bathroom, or just alone in general. I find it odd that you cannot, but it doesn't seem unbelievable, I guess some people just lack control of the necessary muscles to hold it in.
Answered Dec 15, 2009
You can but it isn't healthy. I say "Let r rip."
Answered Jan 15, 2010
I've read countless medical articles, and nothing has mentioned retaining flatulence as being bad for your health in any way. Would you please clarify what makes you think it's unhealthy?
it is possible to hold it in but it is unhealthy but I tend to hold it in
Answered Mar 25, 2010
It's not unhealthy to hold in flatulence.
what he said

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