Took a drug test for lowes and failed but dont do drugs what can i do?

Lowes offerd me a job so first off i only agreed for a hair or pee drug test and they gave me a saliva test. So before i took the test i thought i should drink water so i can pee. So i took the test and found out i failed it. I dont do drugs at all never have never will so i called quest diagnostics and they said they couldnt tell me lowes pays them so. Im not sure what to do how in the hell can i fail a drug test by drinking water they never even asked me if i took medication or anything!!!!!! I feel like i was fucked from the begaining.
Asked Dec 15, 2009
You know what's funny about that? I smoke weed, and I went to the Lowes interview and had some clean urine on me in a disposable pouch, and they gave me a saliva test.. But surely enough they called me 2 weeks later and said that I passed the drug test and asked when I could start.
Answered Dec 15, 2009
What test do they use in the Minneapolis area
dondon Jan 05, 2010
how u pass it?
K89 Nov 09, 2011
Well you should research the things you eat, certain foods can cause you to test positive for certain drugs. For example, poppy seeds will make you test positive for Opium.
Answered Jan 02, 2010
Oni_kami IS VERY WRONG! No foods show up on drug test anymore. I say appeal the test. As drug test do fail as I see it from time to time. I do mobile testing for company's and drug test are MAN MADE and can and DO fail. I would ask for a on spot "re-test." What state r u in?
Answered Jan 19, 2010
I am not wrong. My friend eats a poppy muffin every morning for breakfast and tested positive for opium just last month. She explained the situation, didn't eat any for a week, and went back and got retested. Fact is, some still do, the system isn't perfect, and not every company, etc... uses the latest most up to date testing systems.
i work in that field and I can guarantee you ONI_KAMI IS CORECT when they do certain testing,,perhaps not in the mobile field that Havnfunhere tests for but I can guarantee you on East coast and West coast those Poppy seeds do show up!
Thank you testing_guru.
If you are taking over the counter antacid or cold medicine, it shows up positive for drugs. Along with any food containing poppyseeds.
Answered Apr 20, 2010
If u get hurt at work and have to take a drug test and say u fail. Do they call you or contact ur place of work?
Answered Oct 04, 2010
I also failed a drug test for a work related injury and I am diabetic and do not do drugs. When I explained this to the doctor from the lab he gave me an attitude and said I intentionally used something to try to pass my test. I am furious and suspended from my job until they make a decision on whether or not I can return to work. I offered to submit to a blood test and they told me to wait until they make a decision. I am considering taking legal action against the company.
Answered Oct 10, 2010
Edited Oct 10, 2010
what's more important to you? Getting and keeping a job that supports you and your family OR acting like a crack-head by spending money on any illicit drugs, which could jeopordize your complete existence? Eventually you'll run out of money to "cop" drugs or start dealing drugs to support your habit and that's a whole different deal. Now you're looking at jail time and a criminal record which makes it even harder to gain employment. And believe me, you will get busted. It's only a matter of time. If your life or family means anything to you find ways to rehabilitate and deal with what issues make you want to "sedate'. The drugs are the immediate problem. But the deeper problem is WHY do some people want to sedate or get high. We all have had problems in the past. Like loosing a loved one, any forms of abuse, problems "fitting in", etc.Use the resources that are out there to live a great, rewarding life for you and yours!!!
Answered Nov 28, 2010
ur a fagget that is brainwashed by the gorvernment. just shut ur fucking mouth. you have no idea what your talking about, and you live like a slave.
urafggt Jun 11, 2011
wow you have issues
I'm laughing, he's not living like a slave, you're living like a slave. A Slave to a drug that keeps you in your state of mind. It's not natural to sedate yourself.. It's actually just sad. Fuck the government, they suck and they have no say over my opinions. Both of my parents are users and they've missed out on ALL of my life. My childhood, my first job, my first boyfriend, my first HOUSE MY MARRIAGE MY FIRST CHILD. You don't see it because you're weak and you can't live your life with out the help of a substance. It's just ashame really. I know how beautiful and precious life is and to throw it away like that makes me so sad.
What did you do to make your parents hate you so much? You must be a pretty shitty person.
jcrossley-fuck you. people who spend time judging others normally do not want to judge themselves.
Answered Dec 02, 2010
cant u prove your point w/out talking trash, waters down your point
Seems to me JCrossley that you're the one judging. I am a 59 yr old woman who was going to a pain management doctor for several years and had to drug test and I was surprised to find out that my drug test tested positive for morphine. I KNOW it was wrong BUT what to do? No clue and I was discharged from the practice bc of it. Some people really need their "drugs" for various conditions that will NEVER get better!!!!!!
JCrowssley, OMG bra, I'm so happy jbird responded. I have spent the last hour trying to understand what the finer points of a certain company's drug-testing policies are and you stick your head in and ruin my entire day. Eph you! Do you really think that anyone/everyone who uses an illicit drug acts like a "crackhead?" Do you understand the reasons why some drugs are made "legal" and thus taxed and why some drugs (that you yourself probably use unless you are vegan) remain ooooooo scary illicit status thus blackmarket and untaxed? I know a lot of people Eph their entire lives up on drugs but those people will be with humanity FOREVER. FOREVER. Better we evolve our understanding of addiction, not pass judgement, and work hard at a better system for human capital management outflows than the "FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, JUSTICE, AND PUNISHMENT." Unless of course we are into privatization and bloodthirsty capitalism. By all means, then, have at society's sickest for profit. D&CK.
Answered Mar 02, 2011
Jobs are just like relationships...given a choice between a loving educated responsible man who does not do drugs and a loving educated responsible man who does do drugs (though I don't think that exist but will say so just out of your theory)....I would choose the former...maybe companies are as wise as people for once
You really think there is no such thing as a loving, educated, and responsible man who uses recreational drugs? It is NOT wise to lump people together into stereotypical groups like that. It is equally unwise to not see the flaws in conventional life. I agree, if it's the only way somebody can get a job, the job should take priority over recreational drugs, however to judge somebody without knowing anything about them other than the fact that they use drugs is ignorant and close-minded. Also, there are lots of harder drugs than weed that are accepted, even justified by people that are "anti-drug". Alcohol is much more dangerous, and more impairing than marijuana, but they aren't going to test you for that!
wow take a xanax
Answered Apr 08, 2011
Nigga you do drugs stfu
Answered Apr 03, 2012
I smoke weed every day got a 4.0 GPA and 98% attendance at LSU so stfu all you haters that think it is terrible for you I obviously manage should be illegal to drug test it is an invasion of privacy. WEED KEEPS ME FROM HURTING PEOPLE LIKE jbird UP THERE!!
Answered May 07, 2012
this thread has been hijacked by moronic judgement and the impulse to cyber argue rather than answer any questions.

any of you compelled to give the dont do drugs speech rather than answer the question are at least slightly brainwashed, and kind of assholes. And you are no smarter of a person than those who do take their drug use too far, you simply obey the law.

0n a side note, poppy seeds are the seeds of a plant matter that directly produces heoin; yes if they are not properly washed they can produce a positive result. They reduced the threshold for a positive result to curb false positives, but the truth is if you collect enough of them you can even make a working morphine concoction that will actually get you high in addition to failing the test. (the makeshift mixture is highly unpredictable and dangerous, not recommended)

Now that ive addressed what this ridiculous thread has become. ill take the time to answer the actual purpose of the thread.

Lowes saliva screenings are company standard and at all facilities (logistics and operations). Unless there is a law in your particular area (I have never heard of such law, just spit balling) then you can expect a swab no matter what.

I have personally failed one of these screenings for pre-employment (presence of marijuana) , thought I waited long enough to be clean. Surprise... I was wrong). they said I could reapply in 6 months, but I figured they would put me on a do not call list.

I even posted a thread asking if they would ever call me again. I got the same "your an idiot" speech and nobody answered the question. You condescending fucks at your keyboards must do this to boost your self esteem because you all sound exactly the same.

Fast forward to 6 months later, I reapplied and without even completing the mandatory questionnaire I was scheduled an interview within 48 hours. currently waiting to see how that goes. So if you fail pre employment, you can still try again.

I know this thread started years ago but I'm addressing Reannae_Lynette for the benefit of future readers.


you really left alot of holes in your story, you didn't even say what you failed for. you called quest and they couldn't tell you lowes pays them? its hard to answer a question that lacks grammatical sense. you could have eaten a legitimate pill that wasnt prescribed to you. I guess what I'm saying that the premises of your story don't add up, and that I'm not entirely sure I believe that you have considered all possibilities.

quest calls you to tell exactly what they find, and to offer you a retest for $200.
they will simply mail your failed spit swab to another lab so different hands test the same specimen.
Answered Sep 15, 2012
...same situation as raeanne,I had an accident at work on election day so they take me in for a drug test and said it looked like I failed but were going to send it off to be analyzed,,I was told I was suspended untill the results were back and if negitive I would be paid for the time I was off..well today I hear from them and they said it came back positive for marijuana and I was terminated! I argued and pleaded that I have almost 17 years clean and sober and it had to be a mistake! I was told I could retest at my expence and it would be tested with the same batch as before,I could not repee! If they had said your fired for the accident I could live with that.But telling me I do drugs dosent sit well with me! the problem of getting fired for drugs that I havent had for damn near 2 decades is an insult on the character which I have been trying to better all of these years....think I'll sue for a retest
Answered Nov 12, 2012
does lowes call and tell you if you dont oass the drug test? or will quest tell u
Answered Jan 20, 2013
Excerpt from "The Doctors" website: (for false positives)

Cough suppressants:
•Dextromethorphan, one of three ingredients often found in prescription and over-the-counter cough suppressants, can lead to a positive test for PCP, often called Angel Dust. Taken in higher doses, some cough suppressants can show up as an opiate.
•Pseudoephedrine and ephedra, two other ingredients often found in cough suppressants, can test positive for amphetamines.

Diet pills:
•Phenylpropanolamine, one of the main ingredients in most diet pills, can cause a positive drug test.
•Older diet pills that contain ephedra also can lead to a positive drug test.

•People with chronic pain who use the common over-the-counter painkiller regularly can test positive for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

The three substances should be out of your system within 72 hours of taking them. If you get a false-positive result in a drug test, Dr. DiFrancesco says you can request a more comprehensive test.
Answered Aug 18, 2016

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