How the hell do i unblock facebook on my school computer?

i really need to get on facebook and myspace at school . REALLY REALLY NEED TO GO ON IT SO PLAESE HELP ??!!!!
Asked Dec 14, 2009
help me get on facebook please xx
1928 Feb 11, 2010
Oni_kami you are one of those people that think to highly of your self u truly are not god's gift to this world therefor your not perfect so please don't act like you are I feel rhiannon's pain I'm locked up and can not get on myspace or facebook I do have internet access but not fully it sucks I'm sorry I cant help. As for u oni_kami bitch this is a computer where u should be able to be your self and not worry about people like you talking shit and if you every went to school you would know school is fucking boring as all holy hell and sweetie you don't know this kid so how do you know this kid isn't some straight A student?? You don't know dickhead so stop being a dickhead
I don't think highly of myself actually. It's quite funny how people love to make these petty assumptions about me that so far have been completely untrue. As for the god's gift thing, I'm an Atheist, so whatever. Also, I've never claimed to be perfect, and I am hereby claiming that I am not perfect. I've never thought I was perfect. Anyways, yes, you can be yourself on the computer, and on the internet, but the internet is a public place, and I have every right to express my opinion here. If rhiannon is going to be bold enough to post something online, he/she should be ready to take some criticism. This is the real world, not some sheltered nursery. I have gone to school, and I worked hard at school. Sure it was boring at times, but that's life for you, it has it's ups and downs. Lastly, it doesn't matter if this person is a straight A student, I offered 4 alternatives to shutting
him/herself in the library and going on Facebook, they were homework, extra credit, friends, and exercise. If this person is a straight A student, they could get a jump on their homework so they can spend more time on Myspace at home, or they could do extra credit to get an even HIGHER grade (A is the highest, but it still goes over 100%), or they can get some fresh air. Even if he/she is a jock, there's nothing wrong with being outside. Lastly, why must you go post on your friends walls or whatever it is you do on Facebook, when they're probably like less than half way across campus talking to their friends?
Your name is Oni Kami, which is Japanese for Demon God......Nice Atheist comment, considering it's completely asinine you would name yourself God, if you're atheist. Schools don't give you access to certain things for a lot of reasons, mostly because the Internet is really really unsafe. It could jeopardize the schools network, then hinder learning etc. Don't bother with a proxy, your history will still be accessible by your teachers, etc. I recommend you just wait until you're at home, I know school is boring, it's better if you learn NOW and not have to do it later.
no one needs to be on facebook at school... really, what your trying to say is, I have no friends, so I just might as well go on facebook at school to forget that im ditching allllll my friends... god I just moved to a new school... im shy, and im not on the computer begging to no how to unblock facebook... its not healthy... what I usaually walk around... and take runs and walk around town... try doing that type of stuff......
Answered May 20, 2010
angels_girl. I agree with you to an extent.Yeah, we teens need to walk around and run etc,etc. But some people have good reasons to get on facebook. I get on for 2 reasons 1, I dont have a cell phone, so my only way to communicate with most of my friends is facebook and the internet, at school. and 2, most of my family live out of my state, and facebook is our only means of communication. asking questions isn't healthy since when?? ps, learn how to spell, please.
i need to go on facebook please unblog facebook I really need it; to talk to my counsin at New Zealand.
Anyway we only want to talk to our friends and family.....
if you wanna be my friend call 215 901 2233
qasim Sep 30, 2010
go on
thats super original.
You don't, "REALLY REALLY NEED TO GO ON IT." I pity you. You're at school, try spending time with your friends, or reading or learning or exercising. Get a life you facebook addict. I seriously pity you immensely. Maybe if you spent more time on your schoolwork and less time on facebook, you'd be able to form a proper sentence instead of that filth you just posted on the site. On the other hand, kudos on spelling everything right, but you failed at everything else. Anyways, there are ways around the filters, I know them all personally, but since you disgust me, you get no help from me. Good luck (not).
Answered Dec 14, 2009
Ppl need friends it dont matter were they from some kids dont have friends they r all by there self god helps alot but he cant do ever thing
Rosy Dec 18, 2009
So it's lunch time at school, and you have no friends, so you want to go on facebook, which is blocked. Gee, what ever should you do... Maybe you should GO OUTSIDE AND MAKE SOME FRIENDS! However, Rosy, to you instead of going off to make friends, I suggest you go study English, because you clearly don't have a proper comprehension of it.
Oni_Kami, hes just a kid give him a break. all because were all not as popular as you where when you where in school, doesnt mean you can lecture us on how we need to make friends. and leave Rosy alone. did you ever think maybe were just typing fast and where making errors? god. you need to take a chill pill. i believe the saying is "if you have nothing good to say dont say it" did that ever cross your mind?!! "but you failed at everything else" -you (who the hell are you to judge him???)
KevinG Dec 22, 2009
First of all, it's not like I was the most popular person in school, but I had friends, that's because instead of spending my time sitting at a computer posting on my "wall" that I'm sitting at a computer, posting on my wall, I was outside, talking to people, making real friends. Second of all, Rosy attacked me first, I was simply defending my stance as I'm doing now. Third off, I'm typing fast as well, however, I'm able to do it with proper capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and grammar, because I have practiced, and improved my typing. I've refined it over the years, and if more people would do this too, I feel the world would be a better place. Fourthly, you can take your own advice you hypocrite. You're not saying anything good, you're flaming me. Lastly, for the record, when I said, "but you failed at everything else." I was strictly speaking in terms of writing mechanics.
damn people get a fucking life you sit and talk bout how they should go out side and make friends but it looks like you stay on the computer way to much maybe you should find some thing else to do with your life other than be a dick because no one likes you
Some ppl need to get on mysapce and facebook thats were alot of there friends are at thank u very much
Answered Dec 18, 2009
hi everyone this is sarah but you can call me Daddy = anyways im on here because I wanna know how to go on facebook at school cause sometime's im hella bored and I wanna go on it
how do you go on wtf
it works at my school.

go to:
*************make sure its typed exactly the way i wrote it**********
if a page comes up saying the certificate is invalid just click continue

Answered Dec 22, 2009
go on google and search "freegate" download it and go crazy with hours of untraceable game playing facebook checking fun
Answered Dec 22, 2009
You may use web proxy, its more easy.

found it here :
Answered Feb 20, 2010
Maybe you might try waiting until after school?
I admit, I'm a gaiaonline/facebook/myspace addict but I can at least wait until school is out. And maybe next time, if you don't want to hear rude responses, you should just not ask online. It's that simple.
Answered Mar 01, 2010
Well maybe people don't have a computer at home....huh, what then????
then explain how they can go on facebook in the first place?
try it has only just been blocked at my school
also if that one doesnt work then try :
Answered Mar 31, 2010
None of these things work on the computers at my school. Anyone Have any other websites?
Answered May 04, 2010
Go to:, then type "2 Unblock sites" scroll down to the bottom of the page and press unblock, facebook should already by typed in there.
Answered May 05, 2010
Seriously. if your school board (not neccessarily your school) has gone to these lengths to block not only sites but proxy sites, don't you think they may have a point to it? I mean, I've circumvented firewalls and network proxies myself at work and at school but there are dangers to going on certain sites that are not just "we don't want the kids wasting time".

Otherwise, I recommend searching for a proxy installer at home. Install it on a USB drive, never ever install anything on a school/networked computer, and run it from there. If the network still blocks it then, I recommend going online at home or getting a smartphone when you can be online all the time.
Answered May 06, 2010
go on then any site;)
Answered May 12, 2010
bUT BLOCKED AT MYN it always works!
Answered May 12, 2010
than wat do I do after that??
sydoly Aug 27, 2013
god some people have issues lol, I don't think this enquiry was made for people just to stress their opinions, I think it was made to ask for help. Fair enough people have opinions but are you that desperate to put your opinions accross that you want to tell random strangers them lol! You must have an oh so interesting life.. im trying to do exactly the same thing at the moment at work, but EVERYTHING has been blocked I swear :( bad times.. I found the odd proxy that worked but looks like they have blocked those too now. good luck! x
Answered May 19, 2010
k angels girl,
if your saying your not on the computer begging to unblock fb or w.e
then why the hell did you search up "How Do I Unblock Facebook"?
yeah theres no other way youd be on this site unless you wanted it unblocked?
Answered May 21, 2010
Shut the fuck up, night_angel. she didn't look like she was helping to me. I'm pretty sure she looked it up because of all that time she had to write that idiotic comment of hers. She doesn't know why people need facebook and it's none of her business. These people come here for help, not for dumbasses that don't know how to help but try to sound smart by leaving retarded comments like hers.
iKurix Nov 15, 2011
ok here you go.
go to this site, type in into the search bar. Make sure its on "web", go down to where it says Facebook, Facebook. (it will be the 2nd one) and click onto it. It should let you on. If not, go down to the one below it. Good luck my fellow facebook fan.
Answered Jun 03, 2010
help me get on facebook plsssssssssss :)
Answered Jun 10, 2010
I know right it is like GOD DAMIT !
school should fuckin have FACEBOOK
Camryn Nov 22, 2010
it like so hard to get fuckin facebook
omg like all of yall are doing to much its not that serious..... if he/she want to get on facebook in school then let them do it........
Answered Jul 14, 2010
add me as a friend my fb name qasim moore or qasim moore 1
qasim Sep 30, 2010
everythings deleted
Answered Jul 27, 2010
everythings deleted 4rom mine 2! Now I want us to write out that we won't tell eachothers buisness on internet ever...
Answered Jul 27, 2010
heyy some ppl need to stop bein mean.. lol na but for real I have a "off period" cuz im a senior and its borinq to jus sit in the library, so yeaa facebook is fun for that hour im off... uhhh tryy this one - it worksz for me. so yeaa try it.!!
Answered Sep 10, 2010
As old as that question is, the person that asked it may have graduated by now. :-)
Rob Sep 10, 2010
For a fucking senior you really need to learn to spell hahahaha. ;)
EmilyM Mar 19, 2012
lol emilym
why cant I get hate life
Answered Sep 30, 2010
thats a bit dramatic, dont you think?
ok I know how ppl some ppl are like "oh you dont need to go on facebook at school" and everything but it would be kinda nice to see how though right? so yah ok here's how to get on facebook at school (go on it too much and u get caught...) so you know the address bar rite? ok so u know when you go on facebook at home it goes like "" rite? ok so at school instead type in exactly this: "" (it should get u strait to facebook) oh and if you want to go to another page they would block u too so if u do go to another page it would say something like "http://www.facebook.com" and you get blocked rite? so you take out everything in the address bar starting from the beginning all the way to "https" then click "enter" (example: instead of "http://www.facebook.com" you change it to "") and do that for every page you wanna go on and you should be able to go on facebook and do whatever you want on there =) (plz comment if you have any questions)
Answered Nov 01, 2010
Edited Nov 02, 2010
It doesn't work at my school ):
not at school we meant on our fuckin school laptop asshole
this sucks
Answered Feb 11, 2011
the block everything there is to block here so how can I get help
As soon as you write a website on here, it gets blocked.. So don't even bother.
Answered Apr 10, 2011
LOL. So many pple arguing. I think they should unlock the school internet, because we work our asses off everyday. A break, or free time in school for at least half an hour, would be great. :P But, they won't do it cause they are all stuck up bitches who are ALL about education and think it's the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORRLLLDDD...Nope. Not really. :) Soo, Idk how to do it, but I want to. xD
Answered Apr 25, 2011
Try what I said, if it dont work just steal a teachers or a TAFE password LMAO But use inprivate browsing becuase they can view it otherwise ;)
EmilyM Mar 19, 2012
Ok fucking hell, i'm in year 9 this year just recived the laptop. Yes unblocking facebook would be nice, and to all you people saying just becuase she wants facebook means she has no friends, so get that out of your head and think, owh maybe she has reasons. Ok the way to get it is click Start-> Search -> CMD a black box will ocme up type " ipconfig/flushdns [ENTER] Click enter<- The type " ipconfig/release [ENTER] then type " Ipconfig/renew [ENTER] then "Gpupdate/force a bunch of writing should come up then should say when its done at the bottom, "Would you like to restart the computer?" or something close to it then should say y/n Type y then click [ENTER] and a message box will come up click close and it will restart it. Enjoy! P.s Don't judge anybody if they want facebook for school you assholes xoxo Love Emily :)
Answered Mar 19, 2012
what school do u go to EmilyM I got a laptop at bundy high in grade 8
i am not and asshole fuck u eh girl
i need help to unlock facebook onm my laptop to unlock face book on my laptop so I can keep contact with family from over sea
Answered Mar 28, 2012
i need help to unlock Facebook on my laptop because my family got a new Facebook and I Ned go see my family plezz
Answered Apr 06, 2012
oh my fuckin gosh
no fb wa dem feel it is
Answered Nov 17, 2012

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