What are the impotant functions of fat in the human body?

what are the important functions of fat in the human body?
Asked Dec 14, 2009
It cushions your body from impacts of sorts, it helps you to be buoyant in water, and it's burned off providing you with energy and then converted into muscle.

1. Cushioning
2. Buoyancy
3. Energy
4. Muscle
Answered Dec 14, 2009
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faleh Feb 22, 2020
it keeps the body warm and also makes the cell membrane In the cells
*fats are double the energy given in sugar
Answered Feb 22, 2020
Impotant functions of fat in the human body

1. Provision of energy
2. Structural component
3. Carrier of vitamins
4. Other biological functions
Answered Mar 06, 2020

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