How long does UPS shipping take?

Well, here is the story. I ordered a ukulele from Bushman. They said they were going to mail it through USPS. But they took a month to get everything and said they were shipping it through UPS. They mailed it out on Friday (12/11/09) and I was just wondering how long would it take until it gets to my house. I've been waiting for this package since 11/11/09. I'm getting frustrated. But I am also excited they FINALLY mailed it out!

I'm in the East side of Ohio and the store is located in Nashville, Indiana.
Asked Dec 13, 2009
It really depends the method they used to ship your item. With standard shipping I'd allow 3-5 days, anything longer could take up to 2 weeks. Good luck!
Answered Dec 13, 2009
you can call 1-800 Pick-ups and get the answer, just make sure you know the date it was shipped and the zipcode that it was sent to. If you get a tracking # from the company that shipped it, this will give you the specifics of delivery time for YOUR package. Its generally a few days..depending on locations. It may be that the company is not shipping it out when they say.. or you may be in an area where they don't driver release pkgs, which means that you would have to be home to recieve it. In that case they would leave a note for you, so look around to see if a note was stuck somewhere.
Answered May 04, 2012
Anywhere in the continental USA.. shipping shouldn't take more than 4 days. Other than that it's the shipper..not sending it out when they said they did.
Amma007 May 04, 2012
At UPS is delivered in just 2-3 days, best shipping services. Few month ago I ordered Home UPS "Su-Kam Shark 850 VA" and received in third day after ordered online.
Answered May 12, 2015
Edited May 12, 2015

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