Help! I need to make sparks!?

So this guy that i really like..just sees me as a friend..i am dealing with the fact that we are just friends and i can't have him like that..but i just need some advice about last night.

well last night he came over and we did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...we just chilled on my bed and watched a boring movie that both of us didn't want to watch..wasn't funny..just bleh and we listened to his music connected to my radio..anyways. we fell asleep........then at 1 he just got up an was like i have to go..then unplugged his phone an i walked him to my front door to lock it behind him and he did't even give me a hug like normally..i am only 17 i don't have a job or w.e an i don't have much authority or ideas to do something fun..

and i could feel the distance between him so i know he wasn't just like tired..

i feel like i fed it up for myself an now he probably think i'm so boring..ugh! what can i do to fix this..make up for last night? what can i do when i'm with him to make him laugh or what can i say..

we used to hangout and have like tickle fights and stuff..but now that stuff is getting old..what can i do to keep him hooked? (he always tells me how awesome it is chilling..but last night it was a complete dud.)

hes kind of a funny guy as it this is tough.
Asked Dec 13, 2009
Edited Dec 13, 2009
Maybe not try so hard? Do things you both enjoy. Take a walk around town or something and just hang out. Watching a movie probably not the best idea that can be pretty boring lol. Me and my boyfriend would go to the park and stuff just to have something to do. We liked being around each other a lot so it didn't take much lol. Good luck!
Answered Dec 14, 2009
well mabey he's not reddy yet. try talking to him about it without being wierd.
Answered Dec 15, 2009
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Answered Dec 15, 2009
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