How can I unblock Facebook on a school computer?

I have tried different proxies to unblock Facebook at school and none of them work. Which proxy is best for unblocking Facebook?
Asked Dec 09, 2009
Edited Dec 09, 2009
Why do they have to block everything anyway? What if your talking to your friend that moved across the world. And you dont have internet at home....
katyb May 31, 2010
this realy bad because any thing can happen at any time.
i have joined a website that can unblock youtube and facebook at school, but none of them work.
jodie Oct 20, 2010
Lol thats because schools are stupid and they find every site possible to way to block all the unblock sites. With my school you have to be a government secret agent in order to get around all the stupid blockades. Its almost hopless
please can u help me get on facebook babes !!
try this one: WONT WORK
(type it exactly :
Answered Dec 22, 2009
doesent work
Camryn Nov 22, 2010
please can u help me get on fafcebook
omg helpme I need on facebook
You don't unblock Facebook at school. Instead, you concentrate on your school work, and between classes either do homework, talk with your friends (like a normal human being, not by messaging them on Facebook), and getting some exercise. Save Facebooking for when you're out of school.
Answered Feb 20, 2010
Edited Feb 20, 2010
u the hell do you think you are
facebook is the best
kevin Jun 11, 2010
well im trying to get on to it cos I dont have internet at home so I normally check it at school. and people with face facebook actually do have a life because they are communicating with there family and friends they may not see alot over the net. so chill out abit. and we can do what we want without people like you.
just shut up what ppl do ! facebooks the best and fuk school work (Y)
imcool Aug 14, 2010
@ imcool
That's exactly why your grammar & spelling look like regurgitated monkey feces. Kids like you be posting unnecessary crap and stupid drama on facebook that no one needs to see.
AHAHAHHAHAHAHA facebooks the madddddestttttttttttttttttttttt. who ever blocked it is obvisly a faggggotttt
well do you have a computer at home
Answered Jul 27, 2010
bone me now
Dont you have a computer at home if not go to a local libary :D
Answered Sep 06, 2010
stfu hew cares dude we got the right to do wat we want
If you are trying to get pass a filterd computer from school you can use or it works
Answered Dec 22, 2009
i justed tried it, it dont work :( got any others??
you damn lier. It did not ****ing work.
their not the only one. it didnt work for me eitherrr. dickkk!
DUMB FUCK! it doesnt work -.- fcken spammers this days
go on google, type inn homewrokrest and then go on the site, there are 2 boxex, type in the one with go on and then youl get on it (: x
Use web proxy, its more easy than http proxy.

Found it here :
Answered Feb 20, 2010
nice for real only works on some servers or use a zip launchpad
but u cant block pop ups but it usually works or you can log in under an admin and their passwords are usually somthing stupid and easy to remeber but then again thats the school I go to
i cant get on web proxys!!!!ohnowatdoido
it did not fucking work

or they could like not block everything and let us do what we want that something
Answered May 07, 2010
They block certain websites for many reasons, which include, protecting the students, protecting their computers, protecting themselves from law suits, and encouraging the students to actually get some work done, be social, and get some exercise, instead of diddling around on Facebook or playing games.
u must b a teacher.....stalkerszz...jkjk
and fyi I use fb to contact my FAMILY on the other side of tha world.
i guess school is more important than family.
ritte that must be a teacher
AHAHnice try teacher besides, facebook IS a social site! dummy!
who ever said leave facebooko for home your WRONG. my other friends are doing homework which I have already finished and im in a blow off class so what else do you want me to!? so how about you start being a normal human being and go on facebook , make friends and have fun with your life. and im not saying stay inside and dont go outside and exercise im saying both would be great, but if your doing too much of both its not health. so everyone here should stay active and social wherever you are
Answered May 13, 2010
Edited May 13, 2010
Yes, you should read, like a normal human being, not some mindless teenage drone with no life outside your "wall." Maybe if you did a bit more reading, your typing mannerisms wouldn't be that of a drunken orangoutang's, and that comparison is an insult to orangoutangs everywhere. As for being social, go ahead and be social, in person, then you can use Facebook at home. Yes, too much exercise does show negative effects, however most of you Facebook obsessed teenagers don't get enough exercise and spend all your time, both at school, and at home, on Facebook, which is even worse for your health.
Woah. Take me for example then. I go on facebook every day at school (I'll find the link and post it) and I have straight As with the exeption of a B in Physics. My doctor tells me to "live a little, be a teen" because I would work out twice a day every day. I'm a 5"10' freshman in high school and I only weight 118 pounds. Did I mention the straight As? And the fact that I'm IN Physics as a 9th grader has to say something. I'm always on Facebook because the classes I'm in are too easy and I know it all. Now this person who you're calling an orangoutang, you don't know that person, their grades, their school, so who the hell are you to talk? Maybe YOU should get out and live a little, make some friends, get a life. Then you'd feel a lot better. BTW, masturbation is a great way to relieve stress and perhaps make you a tad less bitcher. Just a word of advice. :)
Oni_Kami ur get outside and get exircise but iu have commented on like 6 post. and u=u have writen a whole fucking paragraph about some1s post if anyone needs to get a life its u
Yenschy Jun 19, 2010
wow!! too many crazy comments. I agree with everyone. But I still havent found my answer.

p.s. congrats to mzclassy for the A's and being so young and all these advances classes..... can we say Doogie Howser, MD :) best of luck <3
mnslara Aug 19, 2010
i agree with mzclassy :)
ppl who say: focus on school, pleease im sure you have a facebook too soo I recommend you just stfudgeup kay? xD
Answered May 27, 2010
yes. real fucking mature. because I agree with him.
Lmfao, that comment comes form a guy who calls himself and ANGLE dad, what are you, the corner of the wall? :P

Answered Jun 23, 2010
omfg I wanna get on facebook and nothing working someoneplz fucking help
smone help itz not working, dammit!!!!!!
Answered Jul 04, 2010
no shit
1023 Oct 26, 2010
The school system bought and taxpayers paid for the computer you are using. They have a right to block anything they want or to throw it in the trash and go back to spiral notebooks if they want. Providing you with a means to communicate with your friends is neither the responsibility of of the school nor your parents. That includes both computers and cell phones.

That's not to say there's anything wrong with you having a phone or computer, it's saying you can get yourself a job and buy one like the rest of us have to. As long as you're depending on somebody else to provide for you, they make the rules. That's how the world works.

Answered Jul 04, 2010
screw you. nobody said it was their responsibility. we just want it. so fuck off
they dont work :D
Answered Jul 20, 2010
ikr this dumb website dont helpp ishh!
they should unblock facebook cause we ar not writing anything rude or stupid
all we ar doing is chatting to ar friends and family
Answered Jul 26, 2010
shut up angel
Zoe Sep 21, 2010
Well.... what if ur 1 of those people whom get good grades and you have a lot of extra free time on ur hands?
i have 4 prd TA and that nothing to do
how about if it say this:Javascript is disabled on your browser. Please enable JavaScript or upgrade to a Javascript-capable browser to use Facebook. Alternativly, you can access the mobile version of Facebook. what do you do
Answered Jul 27, 2010
i got one
kaw0001 Jul 27, 2010
its asking for payment...
cely Dec 08, 2010
why dont you just go through your msn and trust my school has nearly every sight blocked it works trust me :)
Answered Aug 04, 2010
Every single bluddy website doesnt work :( im so cut!! ANY ONE have just 1 site that works -.- and to tht girl who says focus on watever go kill ur self.What world are u living in? srsly sadd.
Answered Aug 14, 2010
that 1 doesn't work either D: :) I promise it works im on it now :) but when you go onto it type in in capitals as its the proper one :)
cenarko Oct 31, 2011
argplzhelp ITS STILL NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!
Dam none of them websites workk :(( uqhh quess ill qet back to this bioloqy progect :)) lol.!
Answered Sep 10, 2010
bbbboooorrrriiiinnnngggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!
y dont u go to the library (not the schools one)
Answered Sep 10, 2010
errrh uhm maybe because it cost money?
libraries cost money??? where do you live??
Ask_Sean Says, There is plenty of time for Facebook, why not go out and hang around with your friends and focus on Facebook when your out of school?

(i know what you mean lol, I get bored in school all the time)

Heres a proxy sever you can use (ssh)

Enter at your own risk though (you CAN get excluded for hacking the schools server or bypassing the firewall)
Answered Sep 17, 2010
Didn't work D:

shhhhh it can be our little secret that it didn't work -_-
i tried that b4 and it didnt work I tride so many and they dont [email protected]@=(
You shouldn't even do that. It is against the rules. Even if you don't have a computer at home it is still NOT allowed. Plus, I know a lot of schools that can watch what you are doing on the computer.
Answered Sep 22, 2010
fuckk yea they can control it
vikie Sep 19, 2011
try this site, it work for me

Answered Oct 04, 2010
they dont work
1023 Oct 26, 2010
well when im at school and stuck here and bored I want facebook
1023 Oct 26, 2010
it dusnt work!!!!!
you know, you should stop fighting and get back to your freaking lives lol
Answered Oct 07, 2010
lol ikr!! :)
The ppl saying to forget facebook and study!

let us be stupid!
Answered Oct 12, 2010
yea everyone lets go on facebook and slack off!:)
schools blocked
Answered Oct 19, 2010
fuck this shit
Answered Oct 20, 2010
i agree!
1023 Oct 26, 2010
add me
kandi Feb 07, 2011
fuckkk this it dnt work all these I went thro it dont work
100% on that! I trried EVERY FU*KING THING AND NOTHIN WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!
none of these work >:( I want facebook god dam!!!!
Answered Oct 26, 2010
werd same hea $hawty !
we all want facebook
kandi Feb 07, 2011
how about meeting a girl or miss palm and her five daughters
WTF I need facebook NOW :))))) facebook =] x
Answered Oct 31, 2010
yo dud I dnt knw you but I fuckn agree with you there this proxy bypass site works!!!
this shyt dont work either , yu can get on the website yeahh but not on freakinnn faceboook tuh !
this one works actually 4 once I found something thnx
1brat1 Feb 16, 2011
what website you find that on? oh it does work at my skool so does
wtf ! this doesnt even work . I am trying all the websites on here and it all doesnt work ! this is soooo fucked up !
try twolulu
Answered Oct 31, 2010
fuk it dosent work
wow ya'll be dumb, none of it's gonna work. the schools find out the sites we use then block those too.
Answered Nov 09, 2010
i know none of them work I have been trying almost for an hour all the chet u people put out none of them work jejeje..........
kyle93 Nov 09, 2010
this is fucking shit!!!!
lisen people the ones that are saying not to go on are obviously teachers so yer go die but the only reason I wont to go on is bcause my bro is away and were close so we cant talk unless were on there its so bad cause I dont have internet at home
fucking hell I NEED MY FACEBOOK TIMENOTHIN HERE WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh LOL guys ive been on all the going crazy trying to find websites that work...its all to do with the firewall...and you cant change that because of administrators matter what website you ait gonna work.. trust me ;)
Lots Of Mother Fucking Love, Eloise
exx ohh

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