How Sufficient is 100 AMPS versus 200 AMPs?

Can you describe for the non-professional how sufficient 100 AMP service is versus 200 AMP service, for a condo or house? How much electric service would 100 AMP provide? Is it enough for modern living? Or are we better off with 200 AMPs. If so, why or at what level of usage would 200 AMPs be recommended?
Asked Dec 07, 2009
I can understand why you said non-professional, because you got the wrong idea about amps. Amps is short for amperes, it's a way to measure the resistance of a wire or cable, named after André-Marie Ampère. Basically, if your electrical current exceeds the amount alloted by the available amperes, your wire will pretty much melt. You want volts or watts, that's the measurement of electricity.
Answered Dec 07, 2009
Very simply, a 100 amp service is sufficient for most modern, 3 bedroom/2 bath homes.
Answered Apr 23, 2011

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