Is it wrong to date a 22 year old at 17?

i really love this guy and he is 22 and i don't want him to get in any trouble if we date and i have tried everything i just really want to be with this guy....
Asked Dec 06, 2009
Edited Dec 06, 2009
what happened with the guy? I mean it's been 5 years, so you're 22 now, I'm assuming, I'm sort of in the same situation, so I was wondering what happened?
its not really wrong...i guess that just depends on your values and beleifs, i mean think of Romeo and Juliet, He was 18 and she was 14...soemthing like that...and they turned out fine other than the fact that they killed themselves. but anyways if you really trust this guy and think he's 'the one' than go for it!! lol
Answered Dec 07, 2009
"they turned out fine other than the fact that they killed themselves" LOL
What alarms me about you at 17 dating a 22 yr old is this; what do you have in common with a man that age? At 22 he is legally able to drink, go to clubs and have a ful adult life. But at 17 you are still a minor and can not have the same lifestyle as he has at his age. The biggest question for me is why is he with you? The difference in years to too great. Does he know you are 17? If he does he should have run like the wind because you are a jail sentance.

Answered Apr 26, 2011
Not wrong if not illegal.
Answered Dec 07, 2009
yer romeo and juliet are just a story any way if you love him that much and he loves you the same way then nothing can stop you:) good luck;) x
Answered Dec 07, 2009
its not wrong...depending on where you live it may be illegal so if you plan on giving it up wait til your 18. Generally the rule is divide by 2 and add 7 and thats the youngest you can date but that has some wiggle room.
Answered Dec 07, 2009
Where did you heard the rule "divide by 2 and add 7"?
eason Dec 16, 2009
It's not a rule, it's a stupid unnatural old formula that some envious old women made up sometime back in the distant past to keep young females and older men from having romantic/sexual relationships together. But really it's more of a perverted opinion then anything else, that only a fool would follow.
Yes. If you're asking this question, you have doubts and should go with your gut for a year. You're either in high school or fresh out and either he is the kind of loser who trolls high school girls like he wishes he could have back when he was age appropriate or he has a productive life as an employee or a student and wants you to be a part of it (though if that is the case, I can't guess how you met him, pretty sure guys don't look for recurring girlfriends at college parties).

Romeo and Juliet was written when the life expectancy was 50 and children were often married at the onset of puberty, so your analogy of fictional characters to a real life situation is somehow flawed.
Answered Dec 16, 2009
no its right , ur rite nxt door too 18
Answered Oct 04, 2010
Unless it is illegal to even date someone with such an age gap in your state then go for it. Any other complaint is based solely on assumption by other people. I'm 22 and I don't drink, smoke, gamble or go to clubs. Within the culture I was raised in there isn't much of a difference between people based on what "vices" they can legally participate in because its all sin anyway and avoided. As for what you could have in common: faith, hobbies, music, literature, hopes, maybe you were raised in the same community. Experience is your main downfall but everone is different. When it comes to sex I don't believe in premarital sex so that too isn't a problem. Most of these negative oppinions are based on the idea that everone has secular values and that if you are dating someone you are autimatically sleeping with them.
Answered Apr 20, 2013
I'm 22 and play hockey regularly with my friends who are way older than me. This other group showed up with some guys my age and one girl. Me and the girl hit it off and said we liked each other and then she asked how old I thought she was. I assumed 20 because her friends were. She is 17. We kinda went on a couple dates, and then I went dancing with her and her parents. They said I was nice and all but was a little too old. I asked her if we should break it off and she said no, we just can't go out. ?????? I really think I'm in love but I've never had a girlfriend before so I don't really know what this feeling is. I don't want to lose her because she is definitely one of a kind. I asked her if I should write her parents a letter asking for their permission, she said they would respect me but still say no. What the hell am I supposed to do, love stinks...
Answered Sep 13, 2013
Write to her parents and if they say no then wait until she is 18. She will be an adult and can date you if you want. If its really love it will work out! :-)
I personally think you should wait till you are 18, he is an adult and you are still considered a minor and he could get into trouble for dating you
Answered Jan 26, 2014
As long is your happy that's important
Answered Sep 23, 2015

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