Do male dogs give milk

i want to know if dogs have milk inside of them
Asked Dec 02, 2009
Answered Dec 02, 2009
They can lactate but is very unlikely, and if a male dog did it would only be a small ammount.
Answered Dec 02, 2009
No they don't unless they are femal.
Answered Aug 13, 2013
Well, I don't really know, but, f you give them the correct hormones, even guys can give milk (literall milk, don't be dirty :P), so I don't see why wouldn't it be possible with dogs too.

Anyway please don't put a dog on hormone treatment to get milk from him, medicine has allways side-effects and I don't think the dog is so interested in giving milk.

Of course that may not apply to the other kind... well, possibly the dog won't walk away if you act gentle and don't hurt him, start caressing him and slowly give him an idea of your intentions ewe

(For any inexperienced zoophile seing this, have in mind that a not well educated dog will expose you by asking for sex in public, so be fucking careful.)

(For everyone, have in mind that a zoophile and a bestialist are not the same, and most people who have sex with animals love them and would never rape them, try not to destroy their lifes if you discover them and they are only pleasing their animals.)
Answered May 25, 2014
Ha Ha, Not at all, Male Dogs Never Give Milk. I am a pet lover and I have two pets. I always buy some good jerseys for them From Posh Puppy Sports and that's really cool.
Answered Oct 15, 2019
You could try milking one.
Answered Aug 14, 2013

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