White sound radio shock wave saves lives.

true we did not have cell phones in my day. had a very good teacher in high school named aubay I think. from class room to the police action. The truckers on highway 1 south Vet Nam. the first to run in the convoy was a jeep& trailer made to push high energy or what is called white sound waves. Even the feared RPG would go off before it could hit a truck. If a explosive had a cap in it. the m79 would go off we had would too had to put them in the tail with the Quad .50's anti aircraft UN made a rule a m.30 an a .50 could not be used as a anti personnel Gun. We did make some other anti personnel too the the clamor was 1/2 lb. of c4 and 170 steel balls. the driver and gunner had had tank armor. the quad and 79ers had there own coffins to jump in too. oh and we can not forget the White Smoke tubs with springs. Some time i wander what the VC thought about our new convoys with puff as back up. the first run was like slow motion mine going off all around us put up the red flag pedal to the metal dark angel called for puff big max was in the center of everything. when I could look back big max was in coffin mode. I look at my driver white flag was get away from max. max market the road for puff and falling out of the sky was a c130 and high and high on her tall was dark angel. Dark Angel was a full nut a .38 and a box of rounds a small plain and extra gas tanks to stay with the men downed did not matter day or night you could look to the sky a lone black man smiling at you. if cia or covert ops needed help LLC was called in they were the Nixon idea I worked cia ops west coast evergreen Airlines. Tell cut a dell with Nixon. Not knowing the back up for my group were all killers life or on death row. LLC Lower lakeside CH IL fredom day never came for a lot of them and you'll not find there names on the wall. They keep 4 in lockup seems they like to eat mankind. we could get them out for a hot job. how did the for get Dupont Teflon or now known as slick 50. cut heat and carbon in the 30's 50's only way to fix the small automatics is to have there family by a silver and chrome Elect. plated with a sharps shop and make the top plate of the clip out of hard steel. keep them from dumb fire and jam.
Asked Nov 29, 2009

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