I’m having a problem on a Mac playing an avi file in the DivX Player .The video plays no sound

Asked Nov 27, 2009
The thing about avi files is this (this applies to most other video formats too, but most commonly avi files), they use what are known as codecs. That's short for Compressor-Decompressor. It's applied to both audio and video. What happens is the computer compresses the audio and video into the file, and then decompresses it while it plays. In order to play said video, you will need the codecs to decompress the compressed audio and video. So here's what you do. Open the avi in Quicktime (comes on all Macs). You'll get an error message, this will be because you won't have the right codecs, just close the error window. Now go to Window>Show Movie Properties (or press Command J). You will most likely see three things in this list (sometimes more or less) but the important ones are "Video Track" and "Sound Track." So look in the "Format" column, and you will see the names of the codecs used for the audio and the video. Now google each one (separately) so that you can find the download for them. Make sure you include the word "mac" in your search. Now go to Macintosh HD>System>Library>Quicktime and you put the codecs in there. Then it should play properly in Quicktime.

An alternative (but not definite) solution is to download the VLC media player. It's for both Mac and PC, and is one of the most versatile media players in existence. It will most likely play in that.

On a final note, wince the video plays, but not the sound, that means you have the codec for the video, but not the audio, so what's important to you is the "Format" for the "Sound Track."

Good luck.

P.S. Ignore hamed, he's been spamming that program to advertise it in everyones posts. robodemotestdrive will not help you, and furthermore, there is no way to run an exe file on a mac.
Answered Dec 15, 2009
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Answered Jun 12, 2014

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