Can future employers find out if I quit my last job after working only 1 week?

Ok So I worked at a salon for a week and it was realy horrible I was a wreck and had to quit (even in these hard times ya I know). When I was hired I signed a contract (no compete contract for 3 months in a 5 mile radius after I leave) so I would think it would show up in a background check, but Im not sure since I was only there a week. I really don't want to lie (have interview next week) but I feel like if I tell them I left after a week they will not hire me thinking I am not dependable. These were extraordinary circumstances and I have never just quit a job before. Any advice? Thanks
Asked Nov 25, 2009
be up front with the interviewer. tell them the whole truth of how circumstances were just so stressful and that your prior employer did nothing to correct the situation. don't try to sugar-coat the former employers temperment and situation inside the salon. tell new employer that you are willing to work on a trial basis for 8 weeks. that way you can establish yourself as being willing to work situations out. i was in personnel, and as an interviewer, i prefer to hesr the truth upfont. it shows credability, honesty, and sencereity. i've hired more associates that way then seing that some people are trying to hide things. trust your gut instincts, believe in your self and the new job will be yours !!!
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I worked at Walmart for about 5 months before I decided to quit. I went to work that night and just told them I was not going to stay. I filled out some papers (so I guess I didn't just up and left) but I didn't give a three-weeks notice like one is supposed to.

Not too long after, I had filled up a couple of applications to several jobs... and was called by Walgreens for an interview. I showed up... not knowing what I would say to any questions about previous jobs. I told the interviewer (the manager) that I previously worked at Walmart but that because I did not feel comfortable, I quit. I heard somewhere that you should NEVER speak poorly of the company you previously worked for (whether you quit or were fired).

My new manager was very comprehensive and mentioned that we don't always do things the right way, but that as long as it is not something like stealing or cursing out a customer, it wouldn't be something not to hire (one) for.

So yeah... just do your best and look enthusiastic at your interviews and don't talk mess about that salon (even if there is a lot of mess to talk about).
Answered Dec 19, 2009
if i am not mistaken, once you sign a contract like that it is legal. unless you live in texas. it just means that you can't work for another salon within a 5 mile radius of ur last employer. but then again, if you dont put them down as part of employment history,then i doubt anyone would know. hope this helps.
Answered Dec 01, 2009
I live in texas =D
figment Dec 29, 2009
Hey - your new prospective employer will not be able to track your week at a salon, if you don't mention it. Don't mention it. It is only a week. However, if you omit this info and someone knows someone who knows someone that knows that you worked there for a short time - bad.

Working for only 1 week and quitting would make me not want to hire you.

Sometimes the truth sucks, but you can sleep at night! Good luck!
Answered Feb 12, 2010
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