Why i am unable to watch movies in my system?

Asked Nov 24, 2009
Because it is not correctly configured or is missing the required hardware support.
Answered Nov 26, 2009
i have had this problem before and have been told that there are some DVD's are burned or compywritedwith a different configuration then your machine may be equipped for
Answered Dec 15, 2009
You gotta be much more specific. I can ask, "What's the name of the thing?" No one will know what the hell I'm talking about. What system (mac, pc, ps3, xbox 360, wii, ps2, xbox, ps1, gamecube), and what's the problem? Does nothing happen? Do you get an error message? We need to know what you're dealing with here. Just use some god damned common sense man!
Answered Dec 15, 2009
if you have IE, go to tools, internet options, advanced, check off "allow disks to run on computer." well, something like that.
Answered Dec 16, 2009
what does common sense have to do with a computer
Common sense has to do with everything, however, if you understood the English language, you'd see that I was referring to using common sense when asking a question. If the poster had used common sense when asking his/her question, he/she would have thought to put useful information about their problem in their post so that we can properly help him/her.

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