Comment on how you help the clients with these communication difficulties and communicate more effec

* language someone unabele to understand english !
*enviromment -nature of eniviroment may make people feel unconfy !
*conflict if both communicates have a disgremment or dislike !
*past experiences may cause anxiety when talking about a particular subject !
* the mood of the person !
Asked Nov 24, 2009
why r u guys all over justin im not saying that I dont like him well..... I am but I dont see why all of u guys like him or as some of u say your in love with him let me just say one thing get over him and more importantly get over your self let me say one more thing like my mom says dont get made by nowing the truth
Did you read the ancient question before you resurrected it? Why don't you focus on getting through puberty then call us back when you return to earth.
Rob Aug 03, 2010
rey mastireo......???...who is rey mastireo
u dont tell me wat 2 say its my mouth and I say wat I wanna say GOT THAT;)
scared 2 write bake ROB
r ur scared 2 be served by a girl ;)
Agh people are coming here not asking questions. This isn't a forum. Ask questions get answers. Don't ask something that you know the answer to. Thats just spam.
Answered Jan 03, 2010
I completely agree. Someone needs to explain to the dolts of the world that we're not here to fill out your employer evaluation forms (and stuff like that) for you. This person is clearly supposed to fill out a form for something for work, and is just trying to be (a) lazy (slob) by getting someone else to do it for them.
thats what im saying u go gurl
how old r u oni-kami???
i hate justin bieber and my favorite wwe superstar is rey mastireo.......???
rey123 Aug 03, 2010
rey mastireo is cool ???...................
rey mastieo is cool to ???........?....????....
i love I mean love what I like about u
Answered Aug 12, 2010

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