How can 11 year old make money?

I want this new Ultra flip cam, because i love moviemaking and stuff, and i need some money. my mom is a bit overprotective so i cant even go to the neighbors house and ask if they want their lawn raked or something... so any advice anyone?
I cant get any money from my mom, not even like 5 bucks. maybe 3 bucks.

My mom knows i go on these websites. and im good with my school.

Also, im very mature for my age. i dont have any "toys". expect my laptop.
Asked Nov 21, 2009
dill your mum is cheap my mum gives me 10 pound evey week!
olley Mar 24, 2010
pound & buck is different
Hatrat May 20, 2010
Hatrat May 20, 2010
I need money
Salem Dec 19, 2010
Just buy some water bottles and take there lable of and make your own lable of micro soft office on your own computer and make it look PROFESSENIAL!!!
VGA Feb 14, 2012
When I was your age I got a paper round, didn't pay a lot but at least it was something.
Answered Dec 16, 2009
Paperboys/Grils depend on age now a days you need to be 14 in my country to make money like that.
Any age here, just be able to do it :D I think...
Your mother is not alone when it comes to being "overprotective." Crimes against children have made many of the options to make money that were available years ago, totally impossible today. Things like knocking on doors through your neighborhood and delivering newspapers early in the morning are a greater risk than most parents today are willing to take. I don't blame your mom for being protective. A Ultra Flip cam is simply not worth the risk.

The bright side is that you do a good job at your schoolwork. The people who do the best in school get the good paying jobs and make enough money to buy anything they want. You sound like a really bright guy. Your time will come.

Answered Aug 12, 2010
but you should still b allowed 2 have a life
it is not ""11 year old "" ! it is that make money means that someone must pay exactly for the work and a work it is more than 3 dollars !

so the question is : how many dollars can i won ? for what work ?
all is depending where you live : in a flat, or in a house,near a road or a hotel...
maybe a neighbourg is in vacation for few days and need that his cat eats or to take his dog outside (in NY, it is a real job) or to fill up water for his plants.
maybe police needs someone, or a number of a car or a photo of someone who noone knows. Maybe a girl needs you and help his parents will be a thing whith a value of few dollars. Maybe someone live very far from the post and need help for a letter, or a stamp.

Answered Nov 22, 2009
you make no sense... literally
Hatrat May 20, 2010
( the 1st sentences)
Hatrat May 20, 2010
I agree
Me too
why can't you just be an 11 year old.
Answered Dec 16, 2009
becos life go's on
olley Mar 24, 2010
probly cause us 11 year olds want something to do and also its money for us to spend on something we really badly want so yer its not really not acting your age
thats true we just need to make money
bt Nov 29, 2011
yea what they said
because some 11 cant wait to be like 30 and have their dream job and raise their kids the way they wish their parents would have raised them trust me I hate being 11
im 11 and i was hoping for a good answer. I didnt get one at all. I live in Kentucky, in the middle of nowhere. How am i supposed to make money? My parents can barely even buy us basic stuff like clothes and whatnot. I dont even own a computer! (Right now im visiting my cuzin in the city.) My parents need help making money, and i want to help them, help us. Anyone know what to do in situation? Cuz i shore dont.
Answered Jan 15, 2010
I would go to the city and ask people if they needed anything doing
VGA Feb 14, 2012
if ur really good at school, maybe u could volenteer to help the kindergardeners who are falling behing at school after school and have their parents pay you
On Ebay, sell some things that are worth something like autographs and rare things like Kooky Pens-Pineapple Pete, Gustav, Peanut, etc-. Also ask neigbors if you can help around for ten dollars a week. You could tutor kids for 10 dollars a day and you would make a good profit after that. Mow lawns, water gardens, small things turn out to be big profit. I hope this worked!
Answered Jan 18, 2010
You can't collect the money from your auctions on eBay without being 18 or older.
you could go on your moms account
if you have a nafe money you can by stuff or if you have lots of stuf you can have garagsail and get money
rlly? how is an 11 year old sopposed to sell things on ebay
maybe by saving them money will be making them money I mean doing things like making sure the lights are turned off when not needed, not waisting things like paper, trash bags, food, ect. have dad turn the hot water heater down to save on elec. only use half the amount of shampoo and stuff u can even water down the shompoo, conditionar, laundry soap, ect try recycling everything u can and using some things twice like ur bath towel so less laundry to wash which means saving on water and laundry soap if u want to work to help them but cant leave the house because of mom worrying then help them save money and consider it as working for them cause they need u
Answered Mar 07, 2010
by the way I would hate to pick up litter
olley Mar 25, 2010
im an 11 year old too and I want an airsoft gun. I mow lawns, rake leaves, water plants, pet-sit, do chore, and im going to be a reff , but u need to be 12-13 depending where u live. if ur a soccer reff u get about 10-30 dollars a game

hope this helps!!!!
Answered Mar 07, 2010
i want an airsoft gun or panit ball because it canes
olley Mar 24, 2010
same I want a airsoft ore paintball but I do nat have a nofe money also how much are thay I have 43 dollers but thay are like 50 dollers plz help me HEEEEEEEEEELP ME
Omg People Grow Up! I am only 10 And I know how to spell right! Go back to school!!!
People make mistakes
Yeah,but that was more than once
And I'm also 10 I can spell better than most people who have commented on this page
Gavrila Nov 25, 2015
I am 11 and the way I make money is washing cars I charge around £5.00 for a car wash it may get me some sweets but not a car but in about 1yr i'll have a nough!!!
Answered Mar 24, 2010
Flipping spell properly
Gavrila Nov 25, 2015
im 14 and my neighbor and I walk dogs in our neighborhood.
Answered Mar 26, 2010
wll it depends on what you like to do if you like pets than pet-sit if you like outdoors than try mowing lawns or washing cars
Answered May 20, 2010
i have asked my mom 4 a little bit of money or start doin chores but she always says no I go 2 middle school and I am very popular but some of my friends get every thing they wnt heres my answer try babysitting thats wt I do
do a bake sell go door 2 door asking would u like to buy a brownie ...
sell silly bandz at your school there so popular at my school kidz do like to fit in
or u could clean up peoples yard:)hope you injoy my advice
Answered Jun 04, 2010
you should try to make a lemonade stand and sell different kinds of lemonade like limeaid, rasberry lemonade, extra sweet, extra sour, and half and half which is 1/2 tea and 1/2 lemonade you could also sell cookies and/or cupcakes too!
Answered Aug 10, 2010
If you live in or near an apartment complex, you could go door-to-door and take out people's garbage bags for a dollar a bag. That's what my sister, my friend and I used to do for cash when we were young. There's also the quintessential lemonade stand. Or, if you're in a suburb, mow people's lawns, rake leaves, or wash their cars or other random odd jobs (please don't go into people's houses for safety reasons).

You mentioned that your mother is very overprotective, though, so my suggestion would be to just do this stuff covertly and hide the money in a safe place. Unfortunately, society makes the preteen and teenage years very tumultuous, necessitating subversiveness like that.

Hope that helps. Good luck, little guy.
Answered Aug 12, 2010
This is a really good idea but we just moved out of an apartment😤😶😤
Say you want a laptop, or an ipad, or you just want money, or... well, you get my point. So you need money. Why not ask for that on your birthday instead of presents? Just ask for money. So what if you dont get toys? Are you still gonna need them when you have a bunch of money? Im 11 and I asked for money every time it was my birthday ( and christmas ) and I have $700. Ive only been saving since I was 8, and I spent alot. I get an about $300 every year just by doing that. Also, if you want something that costs alot, try telling your parents that youll pay for half of it. Thats how I got my laptop. :)
Answered Aug 15, 2010
but some parents dont have that much money! I only get about £100 pounds on my birthday or christmas, and I ask for money but I never get it! please help.
I'm 11 and I turn 12 soon. Im very picky and so I asked everyone for money and gift cards!!!
We'll feel lucky because I get about $35.00 on my bday
talk your parnets into giveing you your lunch money witch is like 2 bucks. if you make your lunch you get to keep that money. It dosent seem that much but at the end of the week you have 10 buck.
Answered Aug 15, 2010
Well I'm also 11. And I dont want to start doing small jobs yet, im going to wait until im maybe 13. My idea was to advertise at my local grocery market that I'm willing to pet sit for some extra bucks. I live in a really small town, and at my grocery store alot of people put posters on the windows, like signs that they're selling things. I also was thinking when im 13, I could sell some things off of my parents Ebay and I would get the pay.
Answered Aug 16, 2010
well ,i have not even 11. I am only 08. my mom gives me 100,000,000,0 just becouse I am cute.
Answered Sep 09, 2010
bull crap
yah right and if your so called 8 then why is your username hottie body and I don't think your mom gave you that much money dumbass
thats bull crap I agree if your 8 you probably dont even know what that number even is!

good luck love :) not! your mum probly gives you nothing!
Hahah that's a load of shit your probaly a pedo or somone whos an attenion whore damn
Try Walking Peoples Dogs...Or You Could Try Babysitting! Just print a fake babysitting certificate off of your internet and show it to the people who need a babysitter if they want proof that you can babysit...good luck. thats what I done, I earn £100 a week ($200)
Answered Oct 02, 2010
well im 11 and I live in the smallest town you could think of ...i make my money by asking for it on birthdays and christmas instead of presents..i also rake leafs the best way is to find som old people in your neiborhood and do there lawn once I got like 30 buck and 10 extra bucks off the tip just from doin 1 old ladys yard moms also a hair dresser so in the summer im the receptionest at the counter she gives me lik 15 bucks in cash and 10 to spend at the store its a great summer and weekend job... and also I made a deal with my grandma every dollar I put in the bank she dubles it so if I put 20 she puts 20 im tellin ya your parents can accually be a big help!!
Answered Oct 11, 2010
You're right, sometimes, but if your a person who's family doesn't have a lot of money, that isn't the answer. I usually pet sit for $10 and save up money from Christmas, which I get about $40 for Christmas and birthday. Also, you can enter contests, or, if you are good at singing, or if your, well, pretty for girls, you can be a model and make money from that. And one more thing, when you are doing a bake sale, or stand, remember do make the stand in front of a busy store, if the owner is okay with it. You can also sell stuff you don't need at consignment.
happy Aug 08, 2012
hey my name is bree and im 11 to.
Iwanted money then I started to mae stuff like jewlery you can go to the cheap shop and get likfe the string and make braclets and all sorts of jewlery
or you can have a little sale all the stuff you dont want sell it or you can baby sit for people you might get about 15 dollars a hour I did that for a while and I also did art and put it up for display I got all most 100 dollars a day there are so many ways to make money so I would try on of them if I was you

hope I help bree :)
Answered Oct 18, 2010
open a:

dog walking buisness
lemonade stand
pet sitting service
Answered Nov 01, 2010
you should work for them!around the house!
Answered Nov 01, 2010
well I am also 11 and need some extra cash besides the 10 bucks I get every 2 weeks. I wanna by a laptop and laptops are expensive. I need a real job screw mowing lawns watering plants and stuff like that caus ei already do that at home I want a real job any ideas
Answered Nov 26, 2010
i only have weekends I can work
kiki012 Nov 26, 2010
OK if you want some real cash that you can get easily try to get onto one of your parent's computers (if they have one). Next ask them if you can get a paypall account. If you get that far then you can surf the web and go to websites that pay you a little bit of money by watching or reading adds. You can also go to websites that have you complete serveys. If you find a good website you can probably at most make 500 dollars per week. But you will mot likely olny make about 20-100 dollars I hope my advice helps.
Hi I am also mom is pretty much the same as urs.
I know that it will take some time to collect it,but there r
ways.You can do chores and stuff like that to make some
Money. If you choose not to do that you can always just
Ask for a loan.if you tell her u will pay her back she is
More likely to give it to you.(you don't actually have to pay
Her back.just "forget" about it and leave it).on the other
Hand I just got more freedom so you can also try walking
Dogs like I did, just try and get a friend to go with you
And she will probably let you go.and if you set a curfew
She will take that as a way your growing up and might let
You go out more and maybe for freedom all together
Hope I helped
Answered Feb 13, 2011
like some one has already said put a poster up and walk dogs for a living it can pay £2 for hour or how ever much you want it to be.
Answered Apr 10, 2011
i'm 11 and I want a stand mixer yeah that's weird okay there like 300 bucks and my mom says that i'll get kidnapped if I do that and my neighborhood is full of rich people and we live right on a busy street with micdonalds and sonics. And I don't know any of the neighbors except like 3.
Answered Apr 21, 2011
Hey well you could always sellbstuff at school like braclets you can make and bought or made cookies my moms just like that and I make stuff and sell at school and your mom can know
im 11 to and im saving up for an ipad 2,the key to making money when it comes to perants is do things for them,i know I know its lame and all but ur perants are hard workers and if u say like cook dinner or something ask them for an appropriate amount of money,u dont wanna mess up and say "hi mom,if I cook dinner will u give me ten euros" (or any other currency),make some brownies or a toy stand or any other stand.Now im gonna go and clean my room,(for a price = ) hope it helped!
Answered May 02, 2011
everyones saying oh in my country you can be any age to do a paper round well jokes on you coz I dont see 1-10 year olds doing rounds in your country so haha well done einstien(!)
if you really want money find rich houses in your local area and ask if you can wash their car/s,if you ask me people earn far too much these days the children take advantage of their parents financial and shopping money.
lemonade stand,car wash,door wash,sell homemade food,...
ect these may or may not be useful but i'm 11 and trying to be helpful,if your american well live there then it's much safer(sort of) so the council +government let younger ones get job eg-my bestfriend has a sister in america,she is getting paid $2,000 (dollars) every month she is currently working 18 hours everyday she is training to be an accountant,lawyer,nurse,physician,college teacher,art student,works at a car polish service station,designs clothes to sell,musician,sells her songs,performs at concerts,and I could go on all day(!) i'm actually being serious and guess what?
SHE'S 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she's being taken advantage of just like your parents are! be realistic,calm,search for jobs,dont nag.
i may be 11 however I have the mind/brain punctuallity of a 17 year old!
trust me nagging dosen't work,i've been there!
i dont get pocket money/allowence I dont have any jobs
but hey ho i'm alive right!? surely you dont need loads of money!if you do,seriously(i do!) then borrow from friends/family dont feel like it will be embarrasing! it's totally not much anyway I lent 60npound to my mate she paid me it back 2 weeks later,that could be you!
parents will ease off and give you some money maybe get more advance such as £20-£100 if you just show some light and responsibility and prove you can make them proud of you and they'll want to praise/reward you!
this took me 2 hours to write because I knew that I had to think carefully about what im telling you!
yours truly,helping hand Hannah
Answered May 26, 2012
well mow lawns if your trying to get 200$ in 2 weaks like me mow 2 lawns each day and charge 15 dollers each lawn

then open a lemonade stan if it is hot as hell but if it is freazing as heck cell hot coco or coffy
Answered Sep 17, 2012

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