Will these porducts do the same job for my reef tank?

I want to start to grow some coralline algae but I also want to get some corals so i need other levels than just calcium to be high, but this product Kent Marine Purple Tech will raise not only calcium levels but also magnesium, strontium, trace minerals and carbonates. Which according to the Kent Marine Reef Starter kit for corals raises the same exact things but calcium. Will the Kent Purple Tech do the same job as the Kent Reef Starter and help me start to raise corals, or the other way around with the Reef Starter kit helping out the growth of coralline algae? Or should I just not use those and try to do this things with out additives? Thanks alot!!!


Asked Nov 20, 2009
well, you are not competent.
you must ask : exactly in the right proportion the right element for the right periode (s), for the different areas.
after to have received your command, follow only the notice.
you need to try and to try for few months or years, to be proud of your work.
Answered Nov 21, 2009

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