How to download movie from internet

Asked Nov 20, 2009
There are a number of programs available to download movies from the Internet. "DIVX" format is one of the more popular formats and has available programs that you can get for free by googling for the "Divx" software online.
Simply download the software and follow the instructions it gives. Then find a site like "STAGEVU" online that is a DIVX video and movie site that offers thousands of movies of every kind from old to some not even released in the US yet. The "Divx" software from "Stage 6" is not spy or ad-ware. It is safe to download and leave on your computer and best of all there is a free version that allows you to watch "Divx" format video's of every kind. When you use a site who's movies are in DIVX (which is a very high quality copy of the movie most of the time) you can set your preferences to download the movie as you watch it or to just watch it.
Be warned that downloading movies from the Internet for free in the US is against the law and can cause one legal problems if caught. Be aware of what the laws are concerning this issue which is a federal offence!
It isn't however illegal to stream a movie through your computer to watch from a site that offers streaming movies like "Divx" format movies or "Flash" format movies and watch them as long as you don't record them which would be downloading. Follow these guidelines and you can watch video's till your old and gray trouble free. The site "OVGUIDE" is one of the largest video and movie sites listing and rating most of the movie and TV sites on the Internet. You can find everything from TV shows to Documentaries and educational video's in addition to movies and game sites there. Most of the sites online will provide the player software or is in "Flash" format so you will also have to go online and google for software that allows you to download Flash videos. This software will also allow you to download a variety of sites like "Youtube" and others.
Good Luck!
Answered Nov 20, 2009
let's be serious, nothing is illegal as soon as you are allowed to.
(internet is not the propriety of usa ! )
most of site have commercials agreements, so all is free as long as you accept
it : real player/ divx /quicktime will help you to "choose from their choices"
your movies, well, you can try megaload and why not torrent ?
or europeansites, (from divx, well, you have a choice very great, just be curious
and enjoy it),you have just to click "download" (personel use ) and all is free of course.
Answered Nov 20, 2009
Answered Feb 17, 2010
Ask_Sean Says, (type in
Answered Sep 15, 2010
May be is best site.
Answered Dec 27, 2011
If want download movies form internet you should download software Torrent and enjoy but this not good way. I have used this.
Answered Oct 04, 2012
Edited Oct 04, 2012
at Get bittorrent or uttorrent first and here is more information

To Work is here I know, what you do is go to uttorrent or bittorrent preferences And set it up like this, (BY THE WAY THIS ONLY WORKS ON MAC) Press at the top General, and tick all of them. Press At the Top bandwith Tick all, but at the bottom it says loads of things to tick, press downloads not uploads and downloads, now at the right side in the middle it says how much KB/s . At the top one where you ticked limit manually to put 100 KB/s . At the second one where you ticked limit seeding rate to put 50 KB/s . At the next one where you ticked manually to put 100 KB/s . The next one put as much as you want. makes no difference. Put MB where you ticked enable transfer cap, put it 100 for 1 days. Next where it says at the Bittorrent Or Utorrent click it. Global Limit: 200 Per Torrent Limit: 50
Don't tick anything part from the bottom where it says outgoing encryption Tick Disable. Go to Directories You don't need to tick anything there. But you can, it will make no difference. Press Network At The Top put in the incoming TPC Port: 55485 . Now, Tick show connection status indicator in status bar Proxy server: none. Now press Network at the top. Don't do anything except tick limit upload rate: 2 In Remote press nothing. Ok Seed is how much people are letting you download it. A torrent should be at least 20 seed. Leeches are how much people are still downloading that torrent. Now when your downloading a torrent first it shows you five files, you don't want the text, it would Just take longer to download the text, only tick the one that looks like an avi mp4 etc.. File. Then go to advanced (Do this every time) And Put 2 in the first box (Not the big Box-One After that) Download it. Now next click the downloaded movie or xbox360 game etc... click it and put bandwidth allocation: tick High. Now on our mac everything Should download perfect. We Are Mac Experts, Thanks for Reading.
Answered Dec 19, 2012
try to look at google or you may try
Answered Dec 16, 2014
There are some of the good websites from where you can download the movies.
Answered Aug 23, 2016

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