How to set Internet Explorer as default browser?

FireFox automatically set itself as my default browser. How do I set IE as my default browser?
Asked Nov 20, 2009
Just follow these steps below:

1. Launch your Internet Explorer.
2. Click on "Tools" on the browser toolbar.
3. Choose "Internet Options" from the list.
4. You can see a Tab Sheet labeled "Programs", click it.
5. Now, you'll see a heading called "Default web browser" on the very top of this Tab Sheet. On the right side of this heading, there's a button labeled "Make Default", click it and you're done!
Answered Nov 20, 2009
Don't use Internet Explorer, it's full of security risks, runs poorly, and Firefox can do everything Internet Explorer can do, and more. I personally mostly use Chrome, but I have FireFox for those things that Chrome can't do, like windows update. First thing I do when I install a new operating system or get a new computer is to uninstall Internet Explorer (I keep the Chrome and Firefox installers on a flash drive).
Answered Dec 02, 2009
I concur with Oni_Kami, stay away from IE and use Firefox or Flock (my personal favorite). I do keep IE as I create websites and I need to see how they look on each browser. Other than that IE is redundant for me.
Answered Dec 15, 2009

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