Can I add money to my PayPal using a VISA Gift Card?

Well the problem starts with I am not 18, and I went onto ebay and bought an item... now, for some reason people demand to go through PayPal so I joined and whatever but all I have is a 50 dollar visa gift card and PayPal wont put any money on my account because I don't have a banking account....
Asked Nov 19, 2009
Edited Nov 20, 2009
your visa gift card has a bank account and routing number u can put in to paypal and get your card verified so that u can also add the 50 dollars to your paypal it will take like 3 days though for the bank account to be verified
Answered Dec 13, 2009
paypal and card and ebay are different things.
your age (less than 18 year old) is not a reason and even a lie.
buy from internet need a special card (e-bank) - account put in or out is your
decision - never accept to pay from visacard but only from a special card from bank -e-.
Answered Nov 21, 2009
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Answered Jun 23, 2010

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