A memory blanking issue?

A post found on another forum I found interesting. Any ideas or a diagnosis of this guys friends condition?

I am posting this for another person who doesnt have the internet but needs some advice. Unfortunately I have none for him so maybe a Doctor or health care professional with diagnostic talents will read this and answer? Bills question is this; "What does it mean when waking from a deep sleep, or being suddenly awakened and not knowing who you are, or anything else for awhile?" Like a complete blank on who you are. Having no memory for awhile or reference of their life, or life's memories that give us all our unique individuality and idenity? Then something familiar comes to mind after struggling with the blankness that cue's something else and like a domino effect it comes back all at once. Awareness of name, inner self and talents, life with my family, who they are. Idenity and all. He states that when this happens It is like waking up and your whole collection of memories each of us amass in a lifetime of experiances are erased, All you know is that your mentally conscious - here and now? He states that "This is very disturbing, and I am wondering if sometime my memory won't cue back?" There is no history of mental illness, shows no signs of psycosis or odd behaviors. Functions in a normal lifestyle and job daily. No drugs or alcohol. Has swollen prostate and an old spine issue with a number of herniated discs that were to numerous to repair or fuse, and also has a degenerative joint issue with daily pain. Also did suffer a closed head tramatic injury 12 years ago in a motor vehical accident that caused short term memory loss as well as physical injuries including puntured lungs. Has healed pretty much from all of these injuries except the pain from the disc issue and his short term memory issue that was diagnosed as noticable from testing but not completely debilitating either. What he learned previous to the accident is still there but learning new material is challenging but with effort can be done by reputition and dicipline. None of the head injury issue's were ever persued after getting out of the hospital 12 years ago either. Has had some blood work done that showed no signs of cancer. Also stated that the trauma team that originally treated him never saw or said anything about a head injury or back injury and that he found this out after the accident by secondary care physicians.
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Asked Nov 19, 2009
can you short a little the question please ?
Answered Nov 21, 2009

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