An ex-friend is trying to sue me for everything she ever gave me?

She received an inheritance to the tune of 359,000.00. she went wild and spent over 250,000 in the first month. She was buying everyone gifts, buying property (3) and other things. She asked me if i would help her start a business. i did. about 5 weeks into the business a third lady entered the picture. After that my friend started treating me bad, arguing with everything i had to say and telling me that the third party said this or said that. anyway, so we parted company. now she is broke and trying to sue me for everything she ever gave me including a car (that is wholly in my name without lien) a computer (we bought 2, one for her and one for me) and money that i supposedly took. now she sent me a list about 2 weeks after we parted company with all the things she wanted back. the car was not among the items and no 'missing money' was mentioned. she is also asking me about things that were bought for the job that were never in my possession because after i bought them, i dropped them off at the job site and never saw them again.

It was not 359 million. There is a decimal point there. as far as the stuff for the jobsite, I dropped off the equipment and it was still being used when she asked me to leave. i never went back to the site so I don't know what happened to the equip. I don't have any receipts as I was asked to turn them all in when i left. I do have the whole gory story in emails from genesis to revelations. (I save everything) can I introduce those in court as evidence? they would tell the judge the whole story. When she landed here she had 38 bucks, no car, no place to stay. I hooked her up with all of that and got her networked and rolling. this is the thanks i get. by the way, I can't afford an atty. will legal aid help with civil cases?

She has gotten an atty and I was served by the sheriff yesterday to go to court next Tuesday.
Asked Nov 19, 2009
Edited Nov 19, 2009
law means that everyone can ask to someone else why an how, when and for what purpose are details to the jails or to win ....
what do you mean to prove ? that you are honest or that she lies ?
it is not the same thing.
Answered Nov 20, 2009
You must honestly settle it with her. There is no use fighting or going to law. She is your one time friend sit with her and honestly return if have anything. Is she holding some proof and paper signed by you?
Answered Nov 20, 2009
if she gave all of that stuff as gifts she can't ask for it back legally, the court will side with you on this. If she has proof of you owing her money you are screwed on that one but it doesn't sound like she does. As far as the business expenses go it doesn't sound like she has much of a case. Even if you did buy stuff and keep it the courts aren't going to care; they going to tell her she shouldn't have trusted you. If she can prove you bought stuff for the business and kept it she might want to careful with it. If you wrote the purchases off as business expenses on your taxes, that would be tax fraud and you, her, and the third party will be screwed.
I'm not saying you did any of it. I just saying if she can come up with proof.
Answered Dec 07, 2009


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