Optical technician and hand tattoo's

Atm i'm on a holiday in new york and i'm booked in to get my hands tattooed this sunday, but i'm a little bit worried what other employer's will think.
I'm currently working as a optical technician in a lab in australia, i don't deal with customer's face to face i just make up there script's. I'm covered in tattoo's, 2 sleeves, knuckle's, both side's of my neck, throat, back of my neck, collar bone.
My boss and everyone i work with are cool with me having tattoo's, I love my job, i've been there for nearly 3 year's, i am a qualified optical technician.
I don't show my tattoos off, but a hand tattoo would look really nice connecting onto my sleeves. It's casual dress but i always wear long sleeves with a collar.
I want to move to new york to do exactly what i'm doing in australia but i'm a bit worried if i get my hands done it will kill my chance's of getting a job at another optical lab cause it's will be impossible to cover up my hand tattoos. Back home my boss said it's okay if i get my hands done.
I dress really nice, i'm not like a punk or anything, i don't look violent, my tattoo's are professionally done and taste full, i always get comment's on how nice my neck looks, my neck can be covered if i do the top button up.
I was wondering if this would wreak my chances working in a optical lab like lens crafters or any other optical labs?
ps: the tattoo artist his work is amazing.
Asked Nov 18, 2009
Hi mattj-

First of all, love the picture you provided. Your tattoos are amazing! I am American, not from New York, but I have quite a few tattoos myself so I think I can give you at least my point of view on the subject. The fact that you already have experience in the field will greatly increase your chances of getting the job, not to mention you do not work with the customers face-to-face which is the prime reason employers do not want their employees' tattoos to be seen. Also, I noticed you already have your knuckles done so I don't feel like the back of the hand will change things too drastically. You indicated that you dress nice and from what I can see, you can express yourself well and take care of yourself. Therefore, as long as you are not working with the customer, or even applying for a job like that, you should not have any problems with your hand tattoos.

I agree, they would compliment the sleeves quite nicely. ha

Answered Jan 25, 2010
I have a couple and personally I would rather not have them. I had one on my shoulder cut off because I couldn't go to certain functions with a sleeveless dress on. I also live in the south though. I kinda always thought if I was in NY it might be different. Mybrother has one around his neck and he has struggled with jobs because of it...mind you he's also a fellon. He can't quite cover his with a collar. Maybe you should wait to get the job in NY then get them.
Answered Feb 04, 2010
tattoos are a way that people express themselves, I myself are in the process of having a sleeve done I have eight other tattoos, I have to agree with Rachel wait until after you get your job in NY.
Answered Feb 26, 2010

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