Where can i download proof.cab for free?

Asked Nov 18, 2009
Answered Dec 19, 2009
Why was this suddenly bumped up to the top of the list? Very bizarre...
Every single question that gets answered will move to the top of list. Im guessing so the user that posted it can see that some one answered it.
figment Dec 26, 2009
Well two days ago when I posted that comment, there hadn't been any answers, comments, or edits for over 5 days, it just magically moved to the top of the list by itself.
You could go to isohunt.com
And download it from there.

You have to use a program called uTorrent (this program is free you can find at uTorrent.com) Also you can use a program called Vuze which is also free.

Just when you get to isohunt.com type in the search bar proof.cab then download the torrent. Hope this helped
Answered Dec 26, 2009

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