Is there any real proof of December 21 2012 end of the world?

Just saw the movie, a little bit worry about that...
Asked Nov 16, 2009
Edited Nov 16, 2009
look do you own a bible!?!?!?!? if so look up mark 13 it says in there that no one but the father(god) knows when the worlds going to end. so don't worry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jazswim Dec 15, 2009
Not everyone believes in the same god as you. Personally, I'm atheist, so it doesn't matter to me a lick, but answering this question, "DURRR, DON'T U OWN A BIBLE? DUHHHHH" is just stupid. If you were to respond to this question with a religious answer, you should first take the time to find out what ceszzz's religion is, and then explain it, or just explain it for all major religions.
I suggest you read the BOOK...i freakin hate books!!!! but when i read it i was like woahhhhhhhhhh. its 10 times better then that darn movie im tellin u!
Answered Nov 22, 2009
Answered Dec 15, 2009
There is no valid proof that any predicted date for the end of the world is right. My personal theory about the Mayans is that they didn't have computers to generate calendars till forever using an algorithm, so they only made it go so far before their entire civilization was wiped out, or they got bored of making a calendar into the future. Anyways, whenever I come into a conversation like this, I just point people to this web page ( It's a list of 220 predicted dates for the end of the world. Most of them have already passed. Point is, it's part of the human condition to feel the need to have "an end." Everything must come to an end as they say. People don't feel comfortable thinking about time being infinite, so they comfort themselves by thinking the entire world will just stop existing at some defined point. I mean look at Y2K, the entire world was in a panic, and here we are, almost 10 years later, with not one missile having gone off on its own. So my point is, it's all a bunch of hooey.
Answered Dec 15, 2009
People.. think about it... Jaun and Jose were making a calendar for the king god. and Jaun said ( in his best Mayan Gringo voice) "Heh Joses how long you think we goda make this calendar? Im tired"
and Jose said.
"Jew know I dont think anyone will care".....
"I meen 2012 is like a long long time away essay"

and so the calendar ended on December 12th 2012 not because the world will end, but because our 2 friends took a Nap~
BTW Ours ends on December 31st does the word end each year? NO!!!!

U Goof balls! Y'all R funny~
Answered Dec 15, 2009
hell no!
Answered Dec 15, 2009
If you want to know more about here!
Answered Oct 02, 2010
Read my answer on this question ; -

Answered Oct 05, 2010

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