How do I establish a wireless internet connection from my home?

I have a dell pc and a MacBook Pro, I want both use the same wireless connection.
Asked Nov 15, 2009
wireless , well dell and mac have their own soft to be on wifi.
your internet connection, just from a plugin on, can serve wifi free.
so, you must see if this one allows several computers.
Answered Nov 17, 2009
First, you need an internet connection, then buy a wireless router (like LinkSys, D-Link), follow the instructions of your router, it's quite easy. With the wireless router both of your computers can enjoy the same connection.
Answered Nov 15, 2009
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Steps to establish wireless internet connection

Installing the Router
Connect the router to your modem
Connect a computer via Ethernet cable
Answered Apr 09, 2020
It has become critical to have constant access to high-speed internet. We need a solid internet connection at home for personal browsing and video streaming, as well as for a work from home setup with professional video conferences every other hour. As a result, having a fully functional and secure home WiFi network is critical.

WiFi plans will be useless if we do not properly set up a home network. It's not difficult to set up a home WiFi network. The instructions below will walk you through the process in a clear and straightforward manner:

1. Get the right router
2. Connect the router to the modem
3. Connect the computer with an Ethernet cable
4. Install router software
5. Enter the internet connection information
6. Secure the router
7. Open the configuration page
8. Figure out where to place the router
9. Set the wireless settings
10. Connect a device

Contact UbiBot if you have any additional information regarding your wireless environment sensors.

Answered Oct 26, 2021
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Answered Mar 01, 2022
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