What Do You Do When No One Believes You?

Last week I joined a bunch of depression/PTSD/anxiety groups on Facebook. It was my step in reaching out.

I posted in a suicide group and that's when hell broke loose. A woman stepped up and claimed I didn't have a mental illness. Claimed "pretty people" don't have depression! They can't be suicidal! Leave now!

Other people jumped in to defend me. Mostly guys.

It got so horrific she sent me homophobic messages with Lesbian porn to humiliate me. And tried to put me down saying oh well you hide behind Photoshop and filters anyway no one looks like you in real life. By this time the owners of the group banned her.

But as soon as one was banned another one stepped up. Another woman. Again shouting about my looks. The owners warned her to stop or else she'll be banned. But she continued to call me a bitch and a whore.

It was hard on me and already I wasn't in a good place mentally. Then a 3rd one started writing horrific things on my personal wall and again tried to force me to leave. The other members were getting pissed but she didn't care.

Admin removed her as well. I don't know what I need to prove to people to show I have a mental illness. My prescription bottles? Doctors can't prescribe you meds for something you don't have. Statements from my doctors and psychiatrists. Where is this ideology coming from?

I posted in a PTSD support group and one woman attacked me there as well for a different reason. I had tried to post a screenshot to prove I was being bullied but it wasn't within another group it was just showing the notifications of where she wrote. Admin took it down. And this lady wanted to know what was posted and deleted and accused me of sharing a screenshot from another group which was not true.
I felt so broken at this point.
I messaged her what I posted and she started freaking out on me.
She said I never gave you permission to contact me!!
But you asked me 20 times what I posted and what you are accusing me isn't true. I told I can't post the screenshot.

Admin took care of her and told me I want you to be safe. But I wasn't. I didn't feel safe at all.

I left both groups. The 3rd group I posted to was a Body Positive group. I had asked why women bully other women based on appearance.
The question generated some good responses. I went to sleep.
Next morning I wake up I find out I am blocked and banned from the group. I looked in my email and see some of the conversation but I don't know if it showed all. Again I saw positive things.
But one person was like "pretty people" don't get bullied. This is crap! And I don't like how you flaunt that you're pretty!

I saw some women tagged admin and my profile picture "triggered" women again. I was advised to change my picture to a flower or pet or something and it hurts. I don't know if anyone has been bullied in this way. Maybe a medical professional who understands psychology will be able to understand it better.

I sent screenshots to two of my closest friends and it got them cursing at what was going on. I'm not sure if I can post publicly if it'll violate any privacy laws? Since they were from a private group.

Today again I bravely tried to post in another group not related to mental health but for beauty and makeup and women lifestyle things and it made me smile that all of the comments rushing in were positive but then mysterious admin deleted it for no reason. I made another post asking admin to contact me and why they deleted my post? And they deleted that as well.

I was shot down again. Were they afraid I was going to violate rules? I don't know. I'm so lost and alone. Both my friends are teachers and they work all day and they're in another country. I don't have any real life friends. It's so hard to make them with my severe PTSD and depression.

I've never experienced this before with women. I never had much experience with people in the first place and now I'm wondering if reaching out is a big mistake. That I should have just kept to my regular groups and hobbies and nothing regarding mental health. I wound up deleting all the other mental health groups. I was too afraid of being attacked again.

I'm still shaken and bothered over it. I don't know what to do. I don't know what will make people believe me. Pictures of my hospital bracelet? Self harm scars? Prescriptions? Medica statements?

Why don't they believe me?

The admin of the first group kept apologizing and asked me to come back. They said it was the first time they experienced anything like this. And that they would protect me as much as possible.

But I'm scared. I'm scared another woman is going to jump in and accuse me of not having depression because of what I look like.

I also been battling a terminal illness for 2 years which I'm not open about. I'm sure I'll be told "pretty people" don't get terminal illness or cancer.

I really hate what happened. And I hate how it makes me feel. I felt like life would be better if I just dealt with it alone.
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Anonymous User
Asked Oct 20, 2017
Unfortunately the internet is the highway of misinformation. If you are being bullied in any support group, you are not in a support group. Many sites are, for the most part, chat sites and are not official and documented support help. I am glad to hear you took your first steps, mental illness is real and can create grief and ill feelings for you and others as well. I would recommend using the internet to find verified support groups that are local to you and will allow you to "sit-in" on a session in order to see if it meets your needs and is safe to you.

I wish you the best of luck, and keep searching for what is a right group for you: It is well worth it.
Answered Mar 09, 2019
Believe yourself. Always be self-motivated.
Answered Mar 12, 2019

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